Ghost Hunting St. Catherine's Former Hospital, 14th January 2017

St. Catherine's hall is turning into one of our favourite locations to ghost hunt at and it's a date we always look forward to a ghost hunt at St. Catherine's former hospital.

With a full house of ghost hunters once more St. Catherine's is still one of the most popular locations to investigate and certainly one of the most active too.

The cellars were once more one of the most active areas with great examples of table tipping, glass work, table tapping been noted. A gentleman spirit by the name of Dennis made contact with one group, Dennis claimed to have worked in that particular area as a caretaker. K2 spikes and MEL meters alarming out were also recorded.

The Red room also provided significant evidence of spirit activity with glass work and numerous groups reporting and validating names been repeated via the spirit box, Andrew was name heard when asked what is your name. Guests also had there names repeated back on request too.

The Kitchens big drops of temperature were noted differing by 8 degrees with no noticeable breeze or wind in the room too. One guest spoke of having her tugged with everyone's hands on the table at the time there was no reasonable explanation for the occurrence.

The Dining room also did not disappoint with recorded incidents of table work and glass work and one guest seeing the figure of what can only be described as a nurse through the night vision goggles.

Well what can we say St. Catherine's once more did not let our guests down with the recorded activity and number of strange occurrences too.