Ghost Hunting @ St. Catherine's Former Hospital, 3rd September 2016

This was Simply Ghost Nights numerous visit to St. Catherine's former hospital in Doncaster with yet another full house of ghost hunters all eager to communicate with former workers and residents of the building.

After a short group vigil it was time to break off in to smaller groups and see which of the spirits would come out and interact with our ghost hunters tonight.

Sarah and Morgan described a table tapping experiment in the kitchen where a number of guests heard tapping repeated back to them on the table and Sarah also mentioned that the group made spirit contact with a lady in the kitchens too with the glass.

Cassie and Sue reported when using a spirit box the name Clarence was heard when they asked who they were speaking to, and the word kitchen was also clearly heard while they were in the kitchen.

Rosey and Lesley noted that a group in the red room had experienced some fantastic table tipping and that the table gently moved between all those sat around the table.

Jez too confirmed in a vigil on the top a floor that a small number of guests were using an Ouija board when they got the name Bertie who said that he had worked at the building when it was a hospital and that he had been married.

Also on the top floor Sue detailed that two guests spoke of seeing a fleeting black shadow momentarily on them leaving one of the rooms on that floor.

In the cellars Stuart said that while using the glass a group contacted a spirit by the name of Sid, the group learned that Sid used to work at the hospital.

Once again with so much activity reported from an event at St. Catherine's former hospital it really was difficult to actually pin down which moments to add to the blog as the spirits of the building definitely know how to communicate with our brave ghost hunters.