Ghost Hunting @ St. Catherine's Hall, Former Asylum, 25th June 2016

Simply Ghost Nights returned to one of our favourite locations St. Catherine's Hall in Doncaster, this former private house and asylum has usually not disappointed our gallant ghost hunters in the past, would it this time?

After a brief group vigil we soon dispersed into smaller groups where in the kitchen Sarah and Morgan recounted how a group distinctly heard the tapping they were asking the spirits to copy on the table, repeated back from a cupboard that was in a recess, on further scrutiny none of the group could find a reason for the tapping from the cupboard.
Cassie and Sue revealed how a Mel meter bizarrely went up from 74 degrees room temperature to 134 degrees and then slipped back to 75.6 degrees in a matter of minutes. The batteries were new and this phenomenon had never happened before and since, could this have been the spirit world affecting one of our Mel meters.
Stuart, Jez, Mark and Phil all revealed how in the cellars and top floor that the groups experienced some excellent spirit messages via the Ouija boards from the ghostly residents. Stuart and Jez described how a child came through on the Ouija board who had died of small pox when the building had been a hospital.
Rosey and Lesley revealed that in the Red room a group were startled when a number of them detailed seeing the exact figure of a woman only meters from the table then disappearing as quickly as she had arrived. 
With some excellent spirit box results and table work St. Catherine's certainly did not disappoint yet again.