Ghost Hunting @ Stanley Palace, Cheshire, 5th November 2016

Stanley Palace, built in the 16th Century is a Grade II listed building situated within Chester City walls. Formerly called Derby House, it stands on, or near, the site previously occupied by the Dominican Friars (known as the 'Black Friars') during the medieval period. Built for Peter Warburton, a Chester Lawyer, who advanced to become a Sergeant-at-Law & MP for Chester, and Knight. 

By 1889, Edward Henry Stanley, 15th Earl of Derby, rescued the building and had it preserved for the Chester community. The Earl was also Foreign Secretary and a Knight of the Garter, and the house was still called Derby House at this time.
During 1911 the house became a Museum and curio shop following restoration and conversion back from cottages. 1928 saw the 17th Earl of Derby pass over the property to Chester City Council on a 999-year lease
Stanley Palace is one of our favourite locations to investigate and both the team and our packed house of guests were chewing at the bit to get started. We split into three groups and set off to our designated vigil areas.
In the large hall each group made contact with different spirits throughout the night but the one main spirit who seemed consistent was the male spirit called Jack! Jack interacted with most groups and was happy to display his power by moving the table on request. We also had tapping on request, the door alarm was triggered more than once and all our equipment was tampered with throughout the night.
In the back area we had lo on request, the door alarm was also triggered. We then made contact with the spirit of a lady and child who were there in visitation, they were communicating with us via a torchlight, dimming and turning it off on request. They soon left when we were made aware of another presence of a male, one lady said she could sense this was a large male with an eye injury? He also walked with a stick. Through glass divination he proceeded to tell us he was the man who pushed a young girl down the stairs to her death. 
On the top floor we had many spirits come through throughout the night but the two most dominant were that of two young boys who said their names were Derek and David. They told us there was a man on the staircase who was not happy they were talking to us. The REM pod was triggered and one group heard very clearly a woman humming (there is a lady often seen sitting at the piano).
All in all a really good night as always at Stanley Palace.