Ghost Hunting @ Stanley Palace, Chester, 10th September 2016

Stanley Palace is one of the SGN favourite locations as it is usually one of the most active places we visit for a paranormal investigation. Would the spirits continue to communicate with our guests has they had done previously in the past.

We commenced the night with a group investigation in the hallway of Stanley Palace, with a K2 meter in the centre of our circle and R.E.M. Pods at either end of the room we called out for spirit world to inter act with us. After a number of minutes the R.E.M. Pod near the kitchen alarmed out and then the K2 in the circle flickered from green to yellow. Guests also reported seeing shadows on the stairs the size of children watching the group.

Martin and Hannah noted in the main room that a group made contact with a former resident of the building called Sam, who made it known to the group that he had been schooled there when he was alive. Via the Ouija board Sam also divulged that he had passed when he was twelve and that he still visits Stanley Palace.

Stuart and Jez recorded a vigil on the top floor where some guests stayed in the main area to use the spirit box and a number of guests were in the smaller side to use the Ouija board. The guests using the Ouija board conversed with a child spirit called Ben who like Sam had from another vigil had been schooled at Stanley Palace.

When using the Spirit box in the adjoining room each of the guests around the table heard their names mentioned back to them and astoundingly Jake was called a sh*t and Chelsea was called a slag to the groups astonishment.

Rosey and Lesley described a vigil downstairs when during a table tipping experiment the table moved between all the guests present at the table and topped up on to two legs in all directions as well. Rosey added that at one point the table was on two legs for around 30 seconds.

Once more the night had ended as quickly as it had begun and this could only mean what a brilliant night we all had at Stanley Palace with spirit world entertaining us all once more via the table and electrical equipment.