Ghost Hunting @ The Belper Chapel 5th & 6th November 2021

Ghost hunting at The Belper Chapel is a location that we do once a year that is available to our guests to attend for an exclusive full weekend of ghostly investigating.

What a weekend it has been, we don’t really know where to start!

Before any of the guests had even arrived, there was activity. A picture fell off the wall and nearly hit a team member as it landed at her feet and there were banging sounds noticed in the Kitchen area. On one of the guests arrival, one guests upright suitcase fell over which it shouldn’t have done.

The downstairs area had some amazing activity, there were blue, green and white lights seen around the room on doors, chairs, walls etc. Shadows were seen in the adjoining rooms though the windows, on walls and in doorways as well as on the furniture. The temperature fluctuated constantly with equipment flashing and going off to indicate this change. There were taps and bangs heard with balls flashing on command, when team and guests asked spirit to identify where they were in the room.
A hiss sound was heard in a bathroom, on inspection, there was nothing in there that could have made this sound and no other sound like it was heard at any other point over the weekend. There were giggles heard as if children were playing around us and whispers noted that seemed to surround us all. There was electrical interference with equipment, batteries seemed to drain and the TV flashed for around 10 minutes as if it was about to come on, however it just stayed in limbo. A team member felt that a spirit was stood in the bathroom doorway watching us all, and the name Jacob came to mind.
In the bedroom area, rustling sounds were heard as if spirit were looking through guests belongings. There were also reports of shadow figures being seen in the reflection on a picture on the wall. There were footsteps, clicking and shuffling sounds heard around the table as if someone was investigating what we were doing. Hummms and whistling were heard from the adjoining rooms. There was some table tipping in this area with the table moving so much that it ended up on one leg with guests moving around with it. In this area, a guest felt someone touch his wrist and heard a sigh very close to him. Our Medium felt someone stroke his hair and identified the spirit as a male presence.
A guests alarm went off on her watch, which meant that her phones alarm was connected to it, she checked it all and there wasn’t an alarm set on her phone let alone her watch so there was no reason why the alarm should go off. A little while later, her alarm went off again for no apparent reason. A human pendulum was performed in this area, One of our guests became the vessel for communicating and there seemed to be a male spirit came through who identified himself as Michael Thomas. He said that he had been alive around 1880 and was born in Damascus, he informed us that his wife was was called Deborah, they had a daughter called Daisy and he had been a rifleman. He also said his gravestone was outside the Chapel in the grounds and wanted them to place flowers on his grave. Michael said he was ready to move on.
Soon after there was a flash of light in the room that was seen by everyone on the ceiling. And our guest said he saw what looked like a man’s face with a big smile and heard a click. Our guest became very emotional and said it was the most strange feeling he had ever experienced. The group then went to see if there was a gravestone outside with the name Michael Thomas on and sure enough there is.

In the main dining area, flashes of light were seen from all areas of the room, there were lots of tapping sounds heard from the area and the kitchen. Lights and shadows were also seen upstairs in the kitchen area as if someone was watching us all.

Our Rem pod doll Polly went on and off continuously over the weekend in the dining area, it was as if the spirit was trying to get our attention all of the time. When asked questions, it seemed to indicate that it was the spirit of a young child that had taken a shine to the doll and wanted to play with it. A grey smog and mist was seen in the sitting and dining area that everyone witnessed but there was no explanation for it.
There were also reports from guests of their hair being touched. On the staircase leading up to the kitchen one group witnessed a figure of a girl stood on the stairs, she seemed scared of our Polly doll which had been placed there a little while earlier. A girls cry was heard and a team member felt her leg being touched. This prompted her to move the doll to that area which in turn alarmed to signify the presence of spirit, it was also noticed that the high chair seemed to move. Another guest noted that their phone was trying to play music, even when the phone had been switched to flight mode.

When using the Ouija board we had some interesting interaction with a spirit who identified herself as Callie Zavay, they told us that they were 38 and from Denmark. There is no history to clarify this, however, they also indicated that there were another 4 spirits with her standing around the table. When we asked her to let us know where she was standing, the doll alarmed. There was another spirit who came through who identified himself as a grounds keeper to the chapel and wanted us to leave. He also had said that he would scare the guests. Later on when another team was in the area, there was some bangs and whispering sounds that scared them.

All in all it was an amazing investigation with so much activity, it really is such a wonderful place and we can not wait to go back next year.