Ghost Hunting @ The Blair Street Vaults, 27th May 2017

As always the last week of May can only mean one thing, Simply Ghost Nights returned to bonny Scotland to The Edinburgh Underground Vaults. 
This time we had a complete change and went to Blair Street Vaults which proved to be just as active as Niddry and left us hungry for a return trip.
With tales of, body snatching and local superstition. Edinburgh vaults has to be one of the most dark, evil, haunted locations we have ever visited.
We had as always a sell out event and all our guests were chomping at the bit to get started, but not before Freda the night staff for the vaults took them on a grisly tour which brought them back looking rather nervous.
Rosey and Lesley were flabbergasted when describing how in one of the Vaults whilst setting up some equipment and doing base line tests a large candle seemed to be knocked off a large stone it was sitting on.
There was only two of them down there when it happened much to the frustration of the team as we would have loved it to have been witnessed by some guests.
Also the temperature recorder kept fluctuating between 21 and 10 degrees and with no breeze or wind noticeable to cause these sudden drops in temperature this was one example of how spirit can make people or areas go warm or cold as this showed.
Some of our brave guests asked if they could do a small group vigil with an Ovilus which is a piece of equipment that talks, they only managed five minutes before coming back stating it was coming out with words like demonic and possession, and even though we as a team don't believe in demonic possession it was enough to scare the group to not want to go back for more.
Also a number of guests had some fascinating results with the crystal pendulums with many of the guests using them to dowse making spirit contact with a number of the former residents of the Vaults.
In the welcome room which is dressed a little bit like an old tavern a whole group of guests reported seeing shadows moving around, they heard taps being repeated on request, they also reported the feeling of being touched.
Simply Ghost Nights will be returning to Niddry Street Vaults the last week of May 2018 and look forward to meeting more new and old guests there too.