Ghost Hunting @ The Former Hull Funeral Parlour 10th December 2016

The Former Hull Funeral Parlour is fast getting a reputation as one of the most active buildings to investigate in Hull. This was Simply Ghost Nights numerous investigation and one we could not wait to do.

After a brief but informative chat with the guests we commenced with a group vigil and moved onto our smaller groups. Martin and Hannah mentioned a vigil on the upper floor when using an Ouija board the group made contact with a former Police officer called Fred who via the glass described his life on the police horses and what his job entailed. Fred still had an affinity with building and said that he visited regularly as well.

In the stables with Jez and Stuart while holding a table tipping experiment the table literally moved to each participant on request but with all the guests holding their hands above the table the table moved and rocked only briefly and with no one near it.

Rosey and Lesley spoke of an excellent vigil in the side room next to the stables where guests spoke of being touched and having their hair pulled, Rosey also said that the group could hear incarnate voices as well as if someone was talking in the next room which was unoccupied.

With excellent table, glass work, and some interesting results with the spirit box and Mel meters it was another enjoyable night of paranormal activity at such a fantastic building.