Ghost Hunting @ The Mill Street Barracks, St. Helens, Near Liverpool, 11th November 2016

Built in 1861, the Barracks are steeped in military and they have accommodated many branches of the armed forces over the years. It is also reported to have been used as a morgue during world wars.
Towards the latter half of the 20th century,  Mill Street Barracks became infamous as a site of significant paranormal activity. Considering its history as a morgue and  its links to the nearby Lowe Street Church and nunnery, and its former caretakers, the Barracks hold a wealth of links with those who have passed over.
This was our fourth investigation of Mill Street Barracks, St Helens. The Simply Ghost Nights team and guests eagerly assembled in anticipation of the vigils that were to take place during the night ahead.
Jez and Rosey described a vigil in the cellars where they were all sitting holding a quiet calling out session on request they were getting knocks and taps repeated back to them, they also heard footsteps above them quite clearly and just assumed it was a group above, suddenly after asking for a knock to be repeated louder, to the shock of the group they heard the mightiest bang as if someone had dropped a slab of concrete above them. Jez immediately ran upstairs to ask if anyone had been in the area and was utterly amazed when the group in that area had not only been sat right at the other end of the building but had not been moving around at all since they started the vigil,  two guests also spoke of how they witnessed a figure in the corridor..

In the main hall our guests conducted divination using the Ouija board. It was slow to start but eventually a male spirit came forwards  He told us he was a patient there during the war and was there in visitation,