Ghost Hunting Wasdale Hall, 10th & 11th March 2017

Over the course of two nights our ghost hunters experienced some fantastic paranormal activity.

On both nights the cellars were an absolute wow of activity with two mysterious white lights been seen via the green laser grid pen and we tried to debunk the strange light phenomena and could not replicate or fathom how they could have materialised and the fact they disappeared just as fast too.

The bedrooms our guests witnessed table tipping and rocking and the Mel meters alarming out on request, and we also attained some excellent responses via the spirit box with a guest called John having his name repeated and Kevin being called a 'cock' on a number of occasions.

The main sitting room provided some fantastic table tipping, with the table tipping on to two legs on a few occasions and when sing the glass our guests made contact with a male spirit called Joshua and a female called Lucy.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend of ghost hunting and one we shall be repeating in 2018.