Ghost Hunting With Chris Conway And Simply Ghost Nights At Cusworth Hall, Doncaster, Yorkshire. - 17th Dec 2011

Once again we must say a huge thank you to both Craig and Phil, the two staff members at Cusworth Hall who so selflessly helped with the event by assisting in ensuring the event ran professionally and smoothly. "I have never seen a table move so fast, and tip up in such a way" said Most Haunted's Medium Chris Conway after an event at Cusworth hall with Simply Ghost Nights This was Simply Ghost Nights final ghost hunting event of 2011 and what a memorable year it had been too, so would the spirits of Cusworth Hall be full of the festive season and communicate with our intrepid ghost hunters or would they say bah humbug and leave us all feeling rather flat on our finale investigation of the year. Cusworth Hall is fast becoming one of Simply Ghost Nights favourite venues, with the paranormal activity witnessed and the idyllic location with the woodland surrounding Cusworth Hall set in the middle of this entire beautiful backdrop. With a full house of brave ghost hunters waiting patiently and in anticipation of a ghost hunting night with Chris Conway too, the central hub room was where we held our main group vigil and was to be our starting point after Chris had informed the group what he had picked up on a mediumistic level on a tour of the building. The group were fascinated with the ghostly residents of the Hall, which Chris was sensing on the tour of the building. However during the walk around Liz, Angela and Rosey could hear whispering and the sound of children giggling so Jo and Steve Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigators went to look and could hear also hear a woman singing and humming and this was also verified by many of the guests who had also heard it too. In the main group vigil we all heard very clearly tapping in the room, but the tapping was coming from a variety of areas and on command too, we would call out tap three times, and we would then hear three taps in response. Also white light analomies were witnessed by many a ghost hunter and team as well in this room, white light was seen to move around the room on many occasions. Chris sensed the spirit of a Mr. Trainer who claimed to be a former tutor at the Hall, who's classroom was next door, Chris felt that Mr. Trainer was a stern man, who may possibly make his presence known later on in the event. In a vigil with Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigator Jo in the classroom Mr. Trainer, came forward and communicated with a group of ghost hunters, he informed the group that he was indeed a private tutor to the children and they weren't allowed to play or have fun with us he told the group that the year was 1849. The sports room with Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigator Steve, a group of ghost hunters attempted an ouija board experiment and immediately were contacted by a spirit by the name of Jane and her friend who had also worked in the house and had not had a very nice time in the house. Jane however was with her lover, Daniel, who used to be a gardener in the house and they worked together (and I'm pleased to say Jane was really happy with Daniel and where she was). Daniel the ghostly resident of Cusworth Hall displayed some of the most impressive table tipping ever seen by Chris Conway, Rosey and Steve, with the six foot trestle table moving around at an alarming rate, with the ghost hunters barely keeping up with it was felt rightly that we had to stop the session because the table was moving so fast we thought it might damage the exhibits. This spectacle absolutely amazed Liz, Angela, Emmy, Andy, and Tadhj who were totally in awe at what they had just experienced. The point has to be made that every team leader later commented on the amount of table tipping they had witnessed on their vigils, with so much table tipping reported it is so difficult to document each individual occasion this happened in a particular vigil. At the break everyone was sampling the Simply Ghost Nights sumptuous buffet when all of a sudden a piercing scream of terror was heard from within the bowels of the Hall itself, the scream had emanated from the floor above the buffet room and from several rooms away too, as Mark, Stuart, and Rosey sped to see what had actually happened they were met by Sally and Georgina both shaking profusely. They informed the group that they were waiting outside the toilet area, when they claimed the adjoining heavy internal door suddenly slammed shut on them. However hard we tried to replicate the incident by opening the outside door to see if it had caused a back draft that may have caused the heavy door to slam with such ferocity, we could not get the door to move an inch, this incident had us all in a quandary and left us totally amazed at the possible power and strength of the spirit world. After the break and the aftermath of the door slamming shut, we then embarked on our quest for spirit contact from the ghostly residents of Cusworth Hall. In the cellar area with Stuart, a group of ghost hunters made contact with a scullery maid who claimed to be called Sarah and had worked in the Hall in the 1850's, this made Jay, Eden, Grant, Heather and Karen feel so honoured to have made spectral communication with Sarah. In an experiment with the Franks box the group listened intently for any spirit interaction, Stuart later noted how they had heard yes and no to several specific questions asked by the eager ghost hunters. As again we were beaten by the clock and what an event it had been, as stated previously the number of reported vigils that had witnessed table tipping, glass divination, strange tapping and banging was unprecedented, it was as though the ghostly tenants of Cusworth Hall had saved up all their energy since our last investigation there and released it on our assembly of ghost hunters. Everyone went home safe in the knowledge that the year had ended on a ghostly high, all the team spoke of how this occasion would be up on the list of our top events for the year. Furthermore with that we can only look forward to 2012 being as active and successful as 2011, so with a big thank you to the Simply Ghost Nights team, and the brave ghost hunters who have come along and participated on a paranormal investigation have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Stuart & Rosey. X