Ghost Hunting @ York Dungeons, 14th April 2018

A ghost hunting event at York Dungeons can be a hit or a miss but on this occasion it was a very big fat hit with so much activity that it was hard to keep a track on what was happening.

In the welcome meeting most groups experienced table tipping, table tapping and glass divination in this area, the spirit name Bobby appeared in two separate vigils and on two occasions growls were heard from away the table.

On the top floor a group of guests received a personal message from a deceased relative and also had that relatives name heard on the spirit box when asked who it was.

A full blown apparition was seen by four guests in the mirrors areas with each one of the ghost hunters describing the same figure. The flashing balls were winners in this area as well and many guests described sensations of been touched and in addition footsteps were also heard from the empty corridor near the mirror area.

It would be safe to say this was by far our most active night at The York Dungeons and we cannot wait to return.