Ghost Hunts And Ghost Hunting Nights At Wasdale Hall, Cumbria 14th March 2015

Simply Ghost Nights visit on the 14th March 2015 to Wasdale Hall for a ghost hunt was our first ever visit to this Hall in Cumbria and set in some of the finest scenery in the country, a short walk to the clear watered Wastwater lake. However this was not our reason for going to Wasdale Hall we had gone for a ghost hunting at Wasdale Hall one of the most haunted buildings in Cumbria to ghost hunt in.   With ghostly tales of past visitations from the spectral residents of Wasdale Hall the history of the previous sightings and hauntings were quite exciting, our thoughts were which spirits would awaken from their slumber to communicate with our brave ghost hunters.   The night began with a short and concise talk about the event and the equipment our ghost hunters would be using on the event, after this it was time to commence our paranormal investigation of Wasdale Hall in Cumbria.   With such a large building to investigate Wasdale Hall is any ghost hunters dream. In the lounge area Stuart and Jez mentioned a vigil where a group of ghost hunters all witnessed the shadowy silhouette of man stood watching from near the bookcase and then disappear. Everyone described the same figure and silhouette of where this ghostly apparition was stood. The group tried to debunk the incident however there was no way that it could be imitated or replicated. Also in this vigil Stuart and Jez both reported some brilliant table tapping on request and tapping from within the walls as well near to where the apparition had been seen as well.   In the lounge room unbeknown to Rosey and Lesley's group four guests kept saying they saw something from the same window where in the vigil with Stuart and Jez and a white light was also seen to move in the area of the same bookcase, and in addition a ghost hunter called Stacey actually started crying as she felt so emotional in the room.    Rosey and Lesley both commented about a vigil in the cellars where the table went onto one leg and people felt as if something had come within their auras and was touching their head and necks and loud whistles were heard from the cellars as well.. Rosey and Lesley spoke of when they asked during a table tapping session that indeed the  tapping confirmed they had spirit of Isabelle the lady who's child had drowned in the lake on further questioning  then she told the group her child was also there with her! Also in the cellars with Jez and Stuart a ghost hunter called Kevin was alone in one of the small cellars on a lone vigil where he claimed that the sound enhancer that was on the table he was using suddenly hit his midriff as though it had been tossed into his stomach and not fell off the table and onto the floor. Yet again we tried to debunk this but we could not emulate how the enhancer had struck Kevin in the stomach.   Rosey and Lesley also described a vigil in the bedrooms where guests experienced whistles been heard, and a door handle rattled, as well table moving, cold breezes felt, and the group made contact with the spirit of a little girl who appeared to like Burt the bear. She interacted with him and seemed to like holding his hand and tickling him. Noises and voices heard in various parts of the room.   When using the Ovilus one guest was told 'outside alone' after he went outside he was told 'tree alone' and when you stood at the tree all alone he said that a profanity was clearly heard from the Ovilus. All in all it was an action packed night and one we will talk about for a long time we return in March 2016 for a full weekend of ghost hunting for more info call 0843 289 1215 or visit