Ghost Hunts And Parnormal Nights At St. Catherines Former Mental Institution, 13th February 2015

It was Friday the 13th and what a venue to hold a ghost hunt a former mental institution and, or known locally as St. Catherine's in Doncaster. With a history steeped in sadness and doom what would our intrepid ghost hunters uncover as they go in search of ghostly activity at St. Catherine's house.   The night started with a short welcome meeting with our ghost hunting guests before commencing our journey into the ghostly world of St. Catherine's. In the group vigil we experienced a strange light that was seen by many ghost hunters, and a number of guests complained of feeling as though someone had been breathing into their ears. In a vigil with Stuart in the upstairs a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a gentleman called Jacob, the table moved between each of the ghost hunters with their fingers very gently on the table. The group enjoyed the experience of the table tipping as well.   Jez reported a vigil in the Cellar where a group experienced some glass work although the spirit wouldn't identify themselves but confirmed he was a patient at St. Catherine's also three guests in the side room of the cellars heard children singing almost like a choir and experienced some gaps and bangs.     Lesley spoke about a vigil in the cellars where a strange light was seen that was quite bright, and when  Rosey and Sam were in the cellars members of their vigil also reported seeing a strange light appear and disappear in the cellars with no obvious reason to debunk the light. Lesley described a table tipping session in the cellars with the spirit of Eric coming through via the glass and entertaining the group.   In the kitchen Rosey and Sam reported how a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a lady spirit called Joyce who answered that she used to work in the area of the kitchens, Joyce continued to use the yes and no via the Ouija board and detailed that she used to love working at the house and that it was a hard job and when asked if she liked the changes to the house she replied no.     Rosey, Sam and Lesley all mentioned that when they were all had their vigils in the they each had fantastic table tipping upstairs in the building with the table moving between each of the guests and with the guests fingers only slightly on the table.     In the cellars Stuart was using the Franks Box where a number of guests heard there names repeated back and Dawn was call either a tw*t or a twit although both words were up for debate. Also in this vigil another group were using the table and had a surprise when the table moved in a backwards and forwards motion and at one point not one of the ghost hunters had their hands on the table as well. And Stuart spoke of a vigil with the Franks box upstairs where one ghost hunter was called a bitch and another was called beautiful to the groups merriment.   Jez mentioned about a vigil in the small room upstairs two guests kept getting the word Abe on the Ovilus, and another guest replaced them and had a child called Gabriel who was ten years old who made himself known on the Ovilus also and both of these experiences were while using the Ovilus on phonetic mode, could this have been the a coincidence or was it the a spirit child trying to make contact.    In the Jubilee room  with Jez during a table session one guest had her chair pushed and in another room one guest David had his name repeated and Leigh was told she was a diva on the Franks box.   Once more we had been beaten by clock but what an exciting night we had experienced at St. Catherine's house in Doncaster.