Ghost Hunts At Alton Towers With Simply Ghost Nights On The 9th May 2015

With such a vast building to investigate Alton Towers is a ghost hunters dream to take part in a ghost hunting event. The event began with a brief chat regarding how the night would pan out and Jez described the ghost hunting equipment our guests could they use should they want to, and then we began the night in earnest with a group vigil. As we all held hands in a large circle calling out for the spirits of Alton Towers to interact with our brave ghost hunters, a number of our intrepid investigators saw a full blown apparition and simultaneously the sound of heavy footsteps were heard by all the group in the room. The shock of seeing the blown apparition finally sunk in and the group all spoke about what we saw and heard. The footsteps were that heavy we all turned around expecting a member of the Alton Towers team to be stood there. After all this initial excitement it was time to begin the paranormal investigation and split into smaller groups. In a vigil with Stuart, Chris and Kevin near the Hex most of our ghost hunters were stunned when they heard the sound of a woman's voice only a matter of feet away from where the group were stood, the voice that the group heard was apart from the where everyone was stood. A guest said she felt as if a child had tugged at her jacket and two other guests claimed to have seen the shadow of a child spirit moving. In a vigil with Jez, Rosey and Lesley all the group saw dark shadow moving between two walls to their surprise and also had the table moving slightly in a table tipping experiment. Stuart, Chris and Kevin commented on how a table moved between all those taking part on the table as well. Lesley, Rosey and Jez mentioned that Burt the interactive bear seemingly interacted much more than usual with the spirits. All groups spoke of some fascinating times using the Franks box with guests having their names repeated back and on a number of occasions swear words were also heard too.