Ghost Hunts At Armley Mills, 9th April 2016, With Simply Ghost Nights

Ghost Hunts At Armley Mills, 9th April 2016, With Simply Ghost Nights

On the 9th April Simply Ghost Nights made our well awaited return to Leeds Armley Mills for a paranormal investigation. Armley Mills has a creepy and deathly past with grisly deaths and poor working conditions to boot. 

The event started in earnest with a group vigil in the machine area with a number of taps and bangs been heard and an unexplained whistle that most of the ghost hunters heard and that could not be replicated or found where it had come from. 
It was after another five minutes that we decided to break off into smaller groups and see which spirits from Armley Mills would want to interact with us.
In the Cottages with Lesley and Rosey one group experienced an energetic vigil where the group were reporting feelings of uneasiness, as if some one had stepped into their aura, and were stood right behind them. One guest was sure she even heard someone whisper in her ear? The group also heard loud tapping on request which seemed to be coming from the cupboard in the room, but upon inspection the cupboard was empty, there was no pipes, and the heating was off. So where were these taps coming from?

As the main body of guests continued so energetically calling out to spirit and asking them to move they table, they also tried asking if they could put move the ball (with a bell inside) and although it didn't seem to have moved we all heard the bell. The table was reported by all around to feel as if it were vibrating and eventually started to move to everyone's delight.

In another vigil with Hannah and Martin in the main machine area on the first floor, one group decided to try a glass divination experiment. They said they had a spirit come through so strong on the glass that at times they had to remove their fingers to take some of the energy down. The glass continues to move in such a crazy way that it eventually flew off the table and smashed! We have prob witnessed this two or three times in all the years we have been going so we were shocked and decided to leave the spirit in peace and swiftly moved on to another area.

Sue and Cassie, Lisa and Sarah mentioned that a group of ghost hunters saw a table tipping experiment where a group of ghost hunters were enthralled by the table tipped to each individual participant on request, and also in this vigil in the machine area the REM pod inexplicably alarmed out a number of times to the ghost hunters excitement. 

Stuart and Jez noted that in the downstairs rooms many of their group claimed to have seen a number of shadows moving about in the same area, and on request the group heard tapping from where some of the machines were.


With K2 spikes occurring in some of the vigils and some great responses via the Franks box in most areas all in all it was a really active night once more on a ghost hunting event at Armley Mills.