Ghost Hunts At Cusworth Hall In Haunted Doncaster, With Simply Ghost Nights, 20th December 2014

Simply Ghost Nights Christmas ghost hunt was at the amazing Cusworth Hall in Doncaster, we were once again helped by Craig and his team at Cusworth Hall in assisting SGN with ensuring the event ran smoothly. Cusworth Hall is a huge location to hold a paranormal investigation with three floors to attempt spirit communication, the SGN team regard Cusworth Hall as one of the most active buildings that we have the pleasure to investigate, would the spirits of Cusworth Hall be so obliging as the many other occasions that we have held ghost hunts there, we would soon find out. As common practice the night commenced with a group vigil in the downstairs ballroom, as the group all held hands and called out for spirit communication a number of guests reported hearing voices from the adjoining corridor on inspection by a number of guests no one was to be found in the corridor or in the nearby vicinity. At one point Stuart the SGN medium made spirit contact with a gentleman spirit called Gordon who Stuart said was watching the group intently whilst stood by the fire place, a number of guests reported being touched while stood in the area of the fire place as well as some guests claiming to have their face touched too. One guest claimed that she could see Gordon and that she considered that he was over 6ft tall and another guest also said that he had seen a dark entity walking where Stuart had stated Gordon was. With the excitement  mounting it was time to break up into smaller group and undertake a ghost hunting event at Cusworth Hall. Stuart, Chris and Sam spoke of a fantastic vigil in the ballroom where after some coaxing Gordon the spirit who had made contact earlier in the group vigil managed to slide the table gently between each participant on the table to the groups amazement. At one point the table moved onto two legs with only each member of the group having their finger tips slightly on the table. Also in this vigil while using the Franks box each of the group had their name repeated back to them and some of the group were called vulgar names too to the groups excitement.   Rosey, Jez, Lesley described a vigil in the school room area where four ghost hunters were on a vigil by themselves calling out for spirit interaction with a K2 meter in the middle of the floor the K2 suddenly began to light from green to red almost on command and two of the group swore that they heard in the room with them an incarnate voice only just audible, on this occurrence the four ghost hunters came screaming out of the room absolutely terrified.   In the same room later in the event Sam and Chris described how during a Ouija board a group made ghostly contact with a spirit who claimed to have worked at Cusworth hall  and that she had been married and that her husband had worked in service at the hall too, this had the group captivated by what the board was telling them.   In the big room downstairs Stuart mentioned a vigil with two guests using the Franks box where all three participants heard their names called out, Stuart said that both Robert and Stephen were both clearly shocked when hearing their names via the Franks box, and when they asked the spirit what their name was they clearly heard the name Jack.   Rosey, Lesley and Jez described a vigil in the jockey room where all guests clearly heard tapping on the table ever so loud and then they heard scratching from underneath the table as well. While using the Franks box in this vigil Rosey said that most of the guests heard there names called out from the Franks box and when asked to describe a guest called Peter the word 'turnip' was heard.   Phil, Gemma and Cassie reported a table moving in the Jockey with only the guests finger tips on the table and when using the Ouija board the spirit of a lady came through and a child who had lived at Cusworth Hall, although they only answered by 'yes' and 'no' the group managed to ascertain that the mother was called Rebecca and the child was called Margaret.   Once more the event had to come to an end but what an event it had been with so much activity both in the groups and on a personal level, the Simply Ghost Nights team cannot wait for our return to Cusworth Hall.