Ghost Hunts At Dewsbury Town Hall, With Simply Ghost Nights, 21st March 2015

Simply Ghost Nights returned to Dewsbury Town Hall on the 21st March 2015 for a ghost hunting event at one of  West Yorkshire's much sought after ghost hunting venues. On our previous events our guests have seen full blown apparitions and children have been heard giggling from within the bowels of the cell area. So with much excitement the Simply Ghost Nights team were very excited to be once again holding a ghost at Dewsbury Town Hall.   After we had finished with the customary chat with our ghost hunters it was time to begin the paranormal investigation in earnest, we started off with a group vigil in the theatre where a number of guests exclaimed that they had seen the figure of a man standing in the shadows of the balcony, a ghost hunter called Lee turned on his torch and pointed to the area of the apparition to see that no one was there. Lee had been a sceptic but after this incident he said that he was a believer because the figure had being so solid and that he had been watching the figure for at least a couple of minutes. Our group vigil heard some tapping on request from within the theatre dressing room as well.   In a vigil with Rosey and Lesley a guest called  Brett sensed a spirit called Thomas who was watching what Rosey's little group were doing on the stage. He made noises in either corner of the balcony Brett also said he could see shadows moving on the left hand balcony overlooking the stage.   The group then all went into the dressing rooms where the group had the table vibrating and knocks on the table in confirmation that they we were communicating with Wallace Hartley a former violin player on Titanic and Dewsbury man who p[played regularly at Dewsbury Town Hall. When asked he liked that the group acknowledged that he was a brave man and liked the fact we wanted to hear his violin play.   In the cells with Stuart and Jez two ghost hunters Michael and Chris were in the far end cell area when they both said that they saw a light analomy move around the room before disappearing this had them both spooked especially Michael who was an ardent sceptic and could not come up with any reason about what he had just witnessed. Also in this vigil the group were using the Franks box where just about each guest was verbally abused by a former Police Officer as much to say all that we heard from The Franks box could not possibly put into print.    Lesley and Rosey also noted that in the cells a group was sat near the cell where the Yorkshire Rippers holding cell had been the Rem Pod kept going off and K2 kept spiking on request.   Stuart and Jez split their group into lone vigils in the changing room area with to be honest with no success, then after moving into the theatre the group were getting some amazing taps on the table when three ghost hunters all described seeing the figure of a man walk by the glass door leading to the theatre Stuart and Terry ran to see who the figure was and no one was there, with Rosey and Lesley's groups in the Judges room at the other end of the building Stuart and Jez radioed through to Fred the security of Dewsbury Town Hall  and asked if it was him walking around and Fred replied that he was indeed in his office and had not been walking around.    With table tipping in the meeting room and in the Judges cloaking room as well and we also recorded some glass work as well as our Boo Buddy and a guests called Nicola's Boo Buddy all getting good communication from the spirit world our night at Dewsbury Town Hall had indeed been as successful as any other night there with so much activity recorded we cannot wait for our return for a ghost hunt at Dewsbury Town Hall.