Ghost Hunts At Newsam Park Hospital & LIverpool Orpahange, With Simply Ghost Nights, 17th April 2015

Simply Ghost Nights returned to The Liverpool Orphanage and Asylum on the 17th April 2015, The Orphanage is such a fantastic location for ghost hunting with it's dark sinister history, the eeriness and sadness that evokes in the mind as you walk around the building certainly adds to the whole paranormal investigation. On past investigations The Orphanage has been a very active place to hold a ghost hunting event. The question was would the 17th April 2015 be as good as our previous ghost hunts.   In the welcome meeting we begun with a short group vigil and then departed into smaller groups to see which spirits would want to communicate with our brave ghost hunters.   In the Laundry with Lesley and Rosey they spoke of how whilst guests were sitting around a table they all saw the room next door light up along with the noise of a chair being dragged on investigating this happening they saw that was no one in the other room only a number of chairs and the group also saw a light anomaly on the wall to the groups excitement.   Also in the Laundry area Sarah and Chris spoke of how a table rocked and tapped on request to the groups excitement with each member having their fingers on the table lightly the guests were amazed that such a big table could move slowly, coincidentally Lesley and Rosey additionally described a very similar vigil  with the table in the Laundry as well.   Jez, Treena and Kevin spoke in depth about a vigil in the wards where a group of ghost hunter made ghostly contact with the spirit of a nurse who had worked on the wards, the group of ghost hunters were intrigued as the glass moved slowly to yes and no to all their questions. The group leaned that the nurses name was Linda and she had worked on the wards and that she enjoyed her job and she loves the hospital and pops in for a nosey.   Stuart spoke of a vigil in the School Block with a group of ghost hunters who made spirit contact with a gentleman spirit who claimed via the glass to have worked there, the group were enchanted as the glass moved to yes and no in response to their questions. Stuart spoke of when using the Franks box, two of the guests clearly heard their names mentioned Anna and Megan and when the group asked say something about Megan a voice from the Franks box said "nice t*ts", this utterance had the group laughing almost immediately at what was said.    Treena spoke of how in the School room her name was heard beyond doubt on her EVP recorder while conducting a vigil in one of the rooms. Stuart brought up an incident where a ghost hunter described seeing a white light moving in one of the side rooms in the School room.   Upstairs in The Naughty Boys Corridor a few groups sat in the cupboards and said they heard noises which is what Jez and Kevin reported as well. Lesley reported hearing a bang on a door from behind her. When using Ovilus they had the name Greeny come through  who appeared to have a stutter. Moreover when using the Franks box Lesley detailed that when they asked who was communicating with the name John was clearly heard  who obviously didn't like  the group by saying  f@@k You on two occasions and when we asked him if he wanted us to go he said "wish you would" really audibly. School room Lesley took a group downstairs in the room where usually the caretaker comes through and communicates the group  heard a loud footstep in the corner of the room which Lesley has reported before on a previous visit, likewise Stuart, Sarah and Chris also mentioned this occurrence in their vigil and in the same part of the room.    We felt we had the care taker who always stands in the same corner and intimidates, Lesley asked if he wanted a particular guest in his office and they plainly heard a horrible sinister laugh.   Jez, Treena and Kevin described shadowy movements and distinct noises could be heard coming from the corner of the same room as Lesley and Rosey had spoke about, Jez purported that the noise sounded like shuffling which it was a number of groups also likened the noises too.    Once again The Liverpool Orphanage And Asylum did not disappoint our brave ghost hunters with a catalogue of ghostly occurrences the Simply Ghost Nights team cannot wait for our next ghost hunting event at The Orphanage on the 11th September 2015.