Ghost Hunts At The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, 9th January 2016

Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, 9th January 2016

This was our first investigation of 2016 and the team were rearing to go after having three weeks off. The spirits of The emergency services museum in Sheffield were also in good spirits it would seem as they were more than happy to oblige!
On the Top Floor an area that receives regular reports form visitors and staff of feeling uneasy.  Cassie & Jez took a group in the dormitory and elected to call out to any spirits that may have been present to illicit responses to closed questions through raps and taps (twice for yes and once for no) Almost immediately two guests were reporting audible responses listening through sound enhancers and as the connection with spirit became established, the responses were stronger and audible to all in the group via the table.
Through this evocation we learned the we had made contact of a spirit called ‘Mary’ who had a connection to the building but not through her mortal work or toil. She confirmed that she was present with the spirits of three others.
The group then split up, Jez accompanied the main body of the group to conduct their own vigils. Two guests later reported hearing whispering through EVP and through sound enhancers.  
On the middle floor another group elected to communicate with spirit through glass divination using the Ouija board. As the vigil got underway it became evident the a connection with a male spirit had been made and who subsequently preferred only to communicate on the board through guests Stephen and Lewis. The spirit responded quite definitely to closed questioning techniques and made it abundantly clear that he did not wish to communicate with all of the female guests, which provided great amusement for guests Lisa, Leanne, Sam, Jackie, Liz, Kerry and Kim. 
The REM pod also lit and sounded, when first talking with the male spirit, it was situated approximately 10-12 feet from were guests and team were. Jez asked the spirit to turn the device off and this happened on the command within 10-15 seconds.
In the notorious Cells one vigil proved to be most interesting one. It was long before a connection was made to a male spirit, answering to the name of Cain. The response came as female guests called out his name. First we heard clearly audible taps and it answered yes to questions by tapping twice. Sometimes these were quite clearly heard by nearly all of the group on or around the table. Each time we checked to see if peoples fingers had accidentally made the noise. The taps still came even when a torch directly lit the table area. Debbie, Zoe, Clair, Chloe and Kirsty all reported at different intervals during the vigil that they could feel a distinct temperature drop.
The was an approximate 5 degree drop to the ambient 17 degrees when measured by Jez using the infrared digital thermometer. 
The spirit particularly seemed to respond the most to Chloe’s questions and the answers through sound enhancers worn by one guest were being reinforced by the K2 meter lighting on the floor in corner adjacent to the cell door and then also on the table.
As the witching hour came quickly around, the nights event had sadly ended by 02.00 hrs, with all guests reporting that they had either an interesting and eventful night. We should assume the connections made with those in spirits at the museum were correlated to the abundance of positive energy and interaction by the guests for the entire event. 
Simply Ghost Nights looks forward to returning the National Emergency Services Museum, Sheffield and to continue investigations with guests old and new in another event.