Ghost Hunts @ Bishop's Manor, Howden, 29th October 2021

Ghost Hunts @ Bishop's Manor, Howden, 29th October 2021

This location had some activity even before the guests arrived. A member of team went up to the top floor where the toilets are situated to use the bathroom when she looked down the hall into another room. She saw who she believed to be another team member in the room so walked down to catch them, she thought they were trying to scare her so shouted out to them to “stop messing” with her. As she entered the room, she realised that there was not anyone in there and there were no other ways out of the room. She came back down to us all and told us she had seem a figure of a man in the room upstairs, we confirmed to her that no one had been up there as we were all checking equipment and getting ready for the event. Another two team members went up there a little while later to set up some equipment and heard tapping coming from the room. On investigation, there was no one in the room and no obvious reason for there to be any tapping noises.

On the Top Floor, in the main vigil area, the ball flashed on and off constantly throughout the vigil and in the corridor with the small bathroom. There were some slight movement from undertaking some glasswork on the Ouija board but nothing that could be worked out as a message. Many of the guests experienced what felt like cobwebs on their faces, on inspection there were no sign of any cobwebs present or reasons for this feeling. This was experienced throughout the top floor in all the rooms. There were also a lot of cold spots noted that seemed to lift after a few moments. There footsteps heard around the group as if were were all being watched, and tapping sounds were coming from all different areas of the area. The guests tried a bit of humour to encourage spirit to communicate and laughter was heard in response to this. There was also a distinct dripping sound coming from the bathroom area, team went to investigated and observed that there actually was no water connected to the amenities, therefore no explanation for the dripping. Touches were also felt in this area. In another group vigil there were reports that the table was rocking on request from guests to building to a crescendo of it stand on 2 legs for approximately 1 minute. The balls flashed on request as well as the k2 meter going off. On the Spirit box we had every guests name repeated. Also on the Spirit Box it called Charlotte a “b****” when asked what it thought of her and repeated Paul’s and name and said he smelled like “s***”.

On the Middle Floor, a member of the team heard banging coming from another room when going to turn out the light, the guests followed to investigate and as soon as they did, a ball began to flash in another room. In the room with the sofa, an apparition was seen next to a team member, a guest witnessed this and felt that she had to go outside for a moment as she felt drained and uneasy. There was also reports of the K2 lighting up to Orange, indicating the possible presence of a spirit. In the Chapel Area there were taps and bangs heard, there were also footsteps heard walking around the group as they held hand, standing still, calling out for spirit interaction. In another vigil in this area, we had both balls flashing on numerous occasions. Used spirit box at guests request which saw a guest called Lynn's name repeated and described her as a “b****”. We asked it to say another guests name called Nina but got nothing came back so asked if it was struggling to say Nina could it flash the ball and it did almost straight away. A short while after the name Nina was heard on the spirit box.

In a vigil on the ground floor (Right), tapping was initially heard on the table on request and the table seemed to vibrate and moved under their hands, There group then decided they would like to work with the Ouija Board. The information gathered from this indicated that a “King O” was coming through, however this historically can not be confirmed. The question was asked to King O if he missed his wife and a guest expressed to us that he felt the need to say the words “she’s hear but only in my heart” in response. The board also indicated that there were 3 spirits in the room around the table.

There were cold spots noted around the table and a member of team and a guest felt they were being touched. Another group experienced a Rem Pod going off and twice in the adjacent room to where we were. Balls were both going off on several occasions on request. We had table creaking and moving gently between two guests Abbey and Eve. There were some small movements on the glass turning on request. On the Spirit box we asked for names to be repeated back to us., a guest named Dave was first to be repeated on 2 occasions we then asked what they thought of Dave and we heard the word “idiot” when asked if they had called him an idiot, we heard a very clear Yes in response. It repeated another guest called Becky and said she smelled of cigs. Taps on the table were heard twice, when asked to repeat 2 taps, two were heard in response and then a further 3 taps.



In the Ground floor (Left), using the Spirit box, the spirit was asked to repeat names of guests, we got Sam's name repeated and David and Vicky. It also said pop aka Sue.

We asked that the spirit made the ball flash when it wanted us to move on to another name or subject and it did this after each name was repeated. There was reports of the K2 flashing up to Orange in response to questions also.