Ghost Hunts Cannon Hall, Barnsley, With Simply Ghost Nights, 13th June 2015

On the 13th June 2015 Simply Ghost Nights returned to Cannon Hall in Barnsley for a ghost hunting event, Cannon Hall is reputedly one of the most haunted buildings in South Yorkshire.   The ghost hunting night commenced with a group vigil in the Panelled Room and with all our guests stood in a circle holding hands calling out for spirit activity numerous guests claimed to have seen a ghostly shadow from the balcony above, this also corresponded with heavy footsteps above our heads with all guests, team and Cannon Hall staff accounted for in the room, who could have caused the heavy footsteps in the rooms above.   In the Panelled room with Kev and Chris a group did glass divination and got the following responses from the spirit energies of a  spirit girl said that she was aged 7 and that there were seven other spirits with her. They then asked again and a definite number 8 was given as the message on the table. At the time these messages were given the 'boo bear' was also sounding and changing light colours on its paws as if in communication with the spirit world. Kev also said that the children spirits seemed the be interacting with the group and the bear and they said that they died in 1849 via the glass. There was also a third spirit who was a lot darker and announced himself as 'Peter' he said that he had murdered the children and that this crimes were committed through 'blood lust'.  When asked if he was tried or sentenced it replied "home free" we interpreted this that it meant 'no! Got away with it.'   Lesley and Jez reported that upstairs a group of ghost hunters got quite an angry female spirit on the table who refused to give any personal information. She moved the glass quite violently and did not like the group been in that room. One of the guests felt really angry towards the guest who was asking the questions on the table. So much so she said she wanted to hit her and the strange thing was that she was quite a mature guest and said this was completely out of character for her. As soon as we left the room the feelings subsided. Could the angry female spirit have been putting her feelings on the group for been in this room on the guest.   Stuart spoke of a vigil in the dining room where a group of guests made contact with a female called Meredith who claimed to have worked at Cannon Hall via the Ouija board. Meredith answered all the groups questions regarding her time at the 'house' as she called it. Meredith eluded that she had been a servant and that she had moved from out of the area to work at the 'house'. The group then used the Franks box where the word Cannon was heard and servant too.    Kev and Chris described a vigil in the Library where the group started with glass divination using the Ouija board and got a response from a female spirit who worked at the Hall aged 49 and died in 1898. The group then attempted table tipping with spectacular results. The table was not only seen to go around and backwards and forwards but proceeded to tip onto two and briefly one leg.   In the Ballroom with Lesley and Jez lots of guests were having personal experiences one guest was pushed, one had hair stroked, one had face stroke and one was poked in the back. Another guest was touched on the leg and shadows were moving around room also several light anomalies were also spotted by a few of the guests.   Rosey and Sarah described how in the Library they had knocking coming from within the walls and the ceiling of the room and on request. Rosey said that when one of the group knocked four times, four knocks were repeated back to them straight away. With no other group in the vicinity this was an awesome feat by the spirits of Cannon Hall.   Yet again we had ran out of time and Cannon Hall had been a fantastic success for our brave ghost hunters.