Ghost Hunts Former Stanley Tools Factory, 23rd Jan 2015

Before we commence with the blog we must thank Chris the custodian of the Former Stanley Tools factory for all his hard work in ensuring that the event rans smoothly. This was Simply Ghost Nights first ghost hunt at the Former Stanley Tool Factory, with so much history this venue really excited the SGN team, the idea that the Stanley Tool Factory had been built on the former grounds of a church and graveyard, and the thousands of former workers that have passed through it's doors over the years. The factory also as had many paranormal sightings of former workers in the past with all this in mind we could not wait to begin our ghosting event at The Former Stanley Tools Factory. We began the event with a group vigil in one of the many rooms we had at our disposal on the 1st floor, after the brief group vigil we decided to break up into smaller groups and attempt ghostly contact with the former inhabitants of the Former Stanley Tools Factory. One of the strangest occurrences of note was in a vigil on the first floor with Stuart and Cassie with guests Brett, Nicola, Peter, Diane, Andrew, Kez  and Wayne, as a number of the party were pulling their chairs up to the table to begin the vigil Peter called out that something was on him, Peter then brushed himself down and found that a padlock still with the key had landed on his arm, with each guest exclaiming their shock and stating that it had nothing to do with a prank, we all went through every possibility could it have fallen from the ceiling etc, in the end we left the matter open as we could not fathom how it had landed on Peters arm. Rosey and Lesley spoke about a vigil on the first floor where a group of ghost hunters experienced some fantastic table tapping on request and Lesley also added that some of the guests also witnessed dark shadows and silhouettes moving around  and the sound of heavy footsteps where no one was stood. On the second floor Stuart and Cassie reported how a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact child called Lizzie, the group found so much detail about Lizzie's life before the factory was built using the ouija board, the group were enthralled as the glass moved slowly to yes and no to their questions. Lizzie also communicated via tapping and banging on the table and the table moved ever so slightly between each of the participants too. Gaz and Sam both reported in a vigil on the third floor where three guests all exclaimed that had seen a full bodied apparition literally walk no more than 15 metres in front of them and this was accompanied by a really loud bang as well, on further investigation no one else was in the room or the floor at that the time as each other group were in separate parts of the venue. Lesley and Rosey spoke of a vigil where Lesley and one of the guests considered that felt as if  something had been thrown thrown at them as they were going through a doorway down to the ground floor again. The group made contact with a spirit called Edward who was quite happy to move the table and shadows were seen and footsteps heard on this vigil also. Which was very similiar to what Gaz and Sam described in the same vigil area too. All in all it was a brilliant night of activity and we cannot wait to return on the 4th April 2015.