Ghost Hunts From The Liverpool Orphanage, With Simply Ghost Nights, 6th December 2014

The Liverpool Orphanage & Newsam Park Hospital is one of the eeriest places to hold a ghost hunting event, with a labyrinth of corridors and rooms to ghost hunt in. On our previous paranormal investigations we have had a host of paranormal activity such as incarnate voices, excellent Franks box communication, table work and much more, so with all this at the forefront of our minds it was time to commence the investigation. We started the event with a short introduction and Jez describing all the ghost hunting equipment to our ghost hunters, then after the formalities it was on with the ghost hunt at The Liverpool Orphanage & Newsam Park Hospital. Jez and Sam mentioned that in the school house a group of brave ghost hunters had K2 and Ovilus activity on request and that four guests heard the name Bob on the Ovilus followed by the word head some of the group said they use the phrase bob head at work to replace knob head and then bob head was also sad on the Frank's box. Chris and Sarah both added in the debrief that they had very strong table movement in the chemistry lab in school house as well as K2 spikes in the laundry area too that seemed to respond to the groups questions.   Stuart spoke of a vigil in the top wards with a group of ghost hunters using the Franks box, where they heard some unsavoury comments and replies to their questions, and when one ghost hunter asked 'did you work here,' the group were stunned to hear the word 'laundry' not once but twice. Jez spoke of how a group of ghost hunters got the name Rose in the punishment corridor while using the glass and also they had some fantastic K2 responses to the groups questions as well.   Lesley and Rosey spoke of a vigil in the wards with a small group of guests doing table work when the group made ghostly contact with a spirit child as the group were also complaining that they were getting touched, scarves being pulled, and a bag was being played with. Burt  the teddy bear was also getting touched. In addition Lesley spoke about how the K2 went to second green light and stayed there for a while. In Lesley's own words she describes a strange occurrence about one of the rooms in the wards.    'We started talking about electric shock treatment when we heard a noise in the corner as if someone was hiding. We then heard loads of taps coming underneath all our chairs as if someone was underneath them. Then all our knees went cold , one guest had her hand  stroked, and another guest had been affected in this room earlier and started to cry inconsolably.'   This was in the room with electric shock machine which Stuart also went in with another group and be known to Stuart or the group that was in there they too had some amazing K2 spikes and Stuart made spiritual contact with a former nurse called Gladys who had the job of administering the electric shocks from the machine in the room.   The group asked Gladys if she was guilty about how patients used to be treated in hospital and the K2 spiked to red. Further questions and answers revealed that Gladys was remorseful for her behaviour in the past, and when asked if she felt better after releasing this burden the K2 went to red yet again, the group commented that the atmosphere in the room felt lighter and less emotional after the vigil.      We have to be honest and say that once more The Spirits Of The Liverpool Orphanage did not let us down with their willingness to communicate with our brave ghost hunters.