Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting At Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre, With Simply Ghost Nights, 14th November 2014

Ghost Hunts At Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre, With Simply Ghost Nights, 14th November 2014

This was Simply Ghost Nights return to Gainsborough Old Nick after a two year sabbatical, however would the wait be worth waiting for, and would the spirits still want to communicate with our full house of ghost hunters.   In a word yes... The night duly commenced with a brief introduction of the equipment by Gaz, and then we started the ghost hunting event at Gainsborough Old Nick with a large group vigil in the theatre room.   So many ghost hunters claimed to see the same face of woman staring at them as we all stood in a circle holding hands and a few of the group claimed to have had their hair pulled or stroked as well. At one point both K2 meters were spiking as well to the groups excitement. And at one point the empty room above the theatre sounded as though someone was walking above the group too. With all this activity been noted by our group of ghost hunters it was time to split into smaller groups and investigate the ghostly areas of Gainsborough Old Nick theatre.   Rosey and Gemma discussed a vigil in the cells where many of our guests were feeling shook up and shaking in the female cells, as if they had been touched or stroked. When everyone had calmed down the group made contact with a spirit called Sid via the Ouija board who said that he had worked at the Police station and that he didn't like the group in the Police station area.   Mark and Gaz mentioned a fantastic table tipping experiment in the theatre and that the table moved to each guest and the table rocked backwards and forwards as well. Stuart also spoke of a similar vigil in the downstairs tea room of the Police station too.   In a vigil in the men's cells three guests mentioned that they felt drunk and wobbly, anther four guests entered the room to participate in a table tipping experiment when two of the guests who had just entered the room then claimed they felt drunk and dizzy, could this have been the spirit of drunkard instilling his feelings on our ghost hunters.   With excellent Franks box results been reported from most groups and the REM pods been activated too, as well as some good examples of the K2 spiking all in all it was a fantastic night as we returned to Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre.