Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting At Leeds Armley Mills, With Simply Ghost Nights, 4th October 2014

This was Simply Ghost Nights numerous ghost hunting event at Armley Mills the SGN team were  so excited to be returning to take part in a ghost hunt at this brilliant venue, with the theatre, machine area and workers cottages to hold vigils in. The night begun with a short explanation of the ghost hunting equipment and then it was time to attempt ghostly contact with the former residents of Armley Mills who even now still roam the corridors and rooms of this Victorian Mill. Jez and Lesley reported that in a vigil in the downstairs of the Mill a group of ghost hunters were mesmerised by the appearance of a strange white light that manifested itself from the corridor they were in, Jez explained that a number of the group witnessed a bright light for only a matter of seconds then it disappeared. Lesley further expanded that on investigating the reason for the light they could find no reasonable explanation for it. Stuart and Martin spoke about a vigil in the workers cottages with a group of ghost hunters who were attempting a table tipping experiment, with the group placing their fingers very slightly on the edge of the table they called out for the spirit of a gentleman called Ross who Stuart had made spirit contact with to move the table, as the group urged Ross to communicate via the table the table eventually began to move between each of the ghost hunters very slowly, as the table rocked to and fro the group were absolutely astounded by what they were seeing. The group also had some really good table tapping as well in this vigil with the group tapping on the table with Ross repeating the tapping back to our ghost hunters excitement. On the subject of table tapping Mark and Phil both mentioned that they had a really good table tapping session in the downstairs of the mill, they commented that the group had made spirit contact with a child spirit who was happy to copy the tappings that our ghost hunters tapped out on the table. With all team leaders also reporting K2 spikes in some of the vigil areas and a number of our ghost hunters also claimed to have heard a child crying in the cottages and two guests also vehemently said that they had seen a shadowy figure in one of the rooms with the machines in it. After an eventful ghost hunt it was time for all of us to head off home and on reflection we all agreed that we had experienced also some fantastic paranormal activity at Armley Mills.