Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting At Niddry Street Vaults, Edinburgh, Scotland, With Simply Ghost Nights, 29th May 2015

Simply Ghost Nights returned to Niddry Street Vaults on a ghost hunting event in the Scottish capital Edinburgh, with it's black and murky past the vaults are indeed a must for any ghost hunter wanting that most haunted event in such a gloom filled place if they can stomach the experience.   After our ghost hunters had experienced the vaults tour of the darker side of Edinburgh it was time to begin the ghost hunt. We started the night with a short group vigil before splitting into two smaller groups to start the task of getting to grips with dark and sinister past of The Niddry street vaults.    Rosey and Lesley said that the welcome room had to be best vigil of the night for them as a  spirit on the table took a liking to one of our Scottish guests and yet again we found out that the Scottish spirits hardly like to communicate with English ghost hunters.   This spirit was able to move the table without anyone touching it whilst the group were all sat in a circle far enough away so no one was able to touch it with either hands or feet, the group started chatting amongst ourselves when the table jumped about 8 inches across the floor no one was anywhere near the table and could not possibly push it or have touched it.    Several of the group saw a shadow in the corner of the room near the door and others reported cold draughts alongside seeing the shadow as well. Also several guests had the feeling of someone was in their face. This spirit moved the table on several occasions without anyone near it the group also heard a stone we threw in the corner get thrown thrown back to us.   Stuart and Jez described a vigil in the welcome room where the table moved between our ghost hunters to their shock, with each ghost hunter only having their hands gently on the table, the table moved and rocked to the guests bewilderment. During a glass session the group made ghostly contact with a spirit child who could not spell, however the spirit answered 'yes and no' to the groups questions.   The group learned that the girl was called Anna and that she had died of a fever of filling cold and hot, she died a long time ago as she did not know the date of her passing.   In the torture room Lesley and Rosey reported that the group made spirit contact with the spirit on the glass who claimed to have moved the table in the welcome room, he also claimed his name was Jack Oliver and he was 87 and said he died I think in 1567 but it was definitely mid 1500s the group also learned that he liked our young Scottish guest as she reminded him of someone he'd known.   Once more we had to wrap the night up and it had been one of excitement and fear for our guests as they had gone in search of spectral beings from the other side.