Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting At Ripon Workhouse Museum & Orphanage, With Simply Ghost Nights, 9th August 2014

We returned to Ripon Workhouse Museum with excitement due to the fact this location the spirits usually never fail to entertain our ghost hunting guests with paranormal activity. With a full house of ghost hunters all ready and willing to attempt to communicate with the ghostly residents of The Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum. The night commenced with a group vigil in the boardroom of the museum, in this room which even nowadays seems dour and clinical and the feeling of angst is felt in this room by so many, are these the same feelings that we all felt in the boardroom and that the poor souls who walked the same stairs to be interviewed by the Guardians of the Workhouse so as to gain entry to the Workhouse all those years ago. In the main vigil in the Boardroom we had numerous spikes on the K2 meters and Belinda a brave ghost hunter who was stood near the entrance to the room, shrieked that she had heard footsteps on the landing outside the room, when Belinda opened the door there was no one there. Lisa and Denise both claimed to have seen a dark shadowy silhouette of a woman moving at the far end of room behind Tim a brave ghost hunter. After about a 15 minutes of the group vigil we decided to break up into smaller groups, Rosey and Lesley were in the nurses room when they heard incarnate voices in the next room and four guests all heard singing through the sound enhances and footsteps from the empty adjacent room. Lesley said that a spirit who has made his presence known on previous investigations came through on the Franks box, it was the now infamous Stan. Lesley asked if he remembered her and Rosey and he  said yes Lesley also asked if he remembered what he called her the last time, the word bitch and prostitute which all guests heard clearly were emitted from the Franks Box, bizarrely on our  last visit he called Lesley a bitch and a whore, so near as dammit to what he'd previously called her and the guests had no idea about Lesley's last run in with Stan. In the boardroom with Stuart and Jez a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a spirit called Jerry who provided the group with some brilliant tapping on the table on request, Tina would count out four taps and four taps would be repeated back, Tina then counted eight taps and we all heard eight taps once again repeated back. The group asked Jerry to do something special and one of the K2's went from green to yellow only a few moments later. In the bedrooms and main vigil area Jez spoke of some fantastic table tipping and the that many of the ghost hunters claimed to be feeling cold breezes where there was no drafts at all, Ben did alone vigil in the corridor area and came back minutes later saying that he'd definitely felt something or someone grip his hand to his total dismay. In the boardroom the group made ghostly contact with a spirit called  Bernard who was one of the governors, on previous visits Bernard had cast his shadows in one particular corner of the room, a brave ghost hunter called Paul went and stood in the exact spot where Bernard's shadow as been seen,  the k2 he was holding went mad along with the table moving violently and all this stopped when Paul came back to the group. This was repeated several times with exact same results the K2 also going up to red on the table. Bernard liked a guest on the table and pushed the table towards her but he didn't like Paul going near the table and the so table would move violently again as if he was annoyed. Once again The Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum did not disappoint our brave ghost hunters or ourselves, with glass divination, table tipping, and communication via the Franks box, K2 meters and the Ovilus III.