Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting Blog At Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum, 7th November 2014

With a full house of ghost hunters and a building with so much abject misery held within it's walls this was going to be an eventful night. With so much energy been produced by the group the spirit world would have an abundant of energy to communicate with our brave ghost hunters.   The night began with a brief equipment rundown and how the night would unfold with the areas we were permitted to enter. After a quick chat it was on with the paranormal investigation of the ghostly plane of this dark and eerie building.   Rosey and Treena spoke of a vigil in the nurses room where a group of ghost hunters experienced a table tipping experiment with the table moving between the ghost hunters sat around the table, with ominous creaks and tapping abound to enthral our ghost hunters. Rosey mentioned that the group made contact with Stan who is a regular ghostly inhabitant of the Museum, and via the glass it was confirmed that it was indeed Stan who had moved the table and tapped on the table too.   Mark and Gaz reported that in a vigil in the bedrooms and morgue area a group of ghost hunters were freaked out by the some groans they heard in the room with them while using glass divination and Mark added that they had to remove some of the group from the area as they felt like crying and emotional, and three of the group refused to enter the dark and sinister corridor again.   Stuart mentioned a vigil in the nurses quarters where a group of ghost hunters were enjoying a vigil using the Ouija board and communicating with a former inmate of the Workhouse, and when using the Franks box the group were astounded when they heard most their names repeated back from it.   One of the group was placed in a small room further from the group on alone vigil and returned to main group after only few moments claiming to have heard footsteps in the empty next room and a growl as well.   Gaz and Mark mentioned that a group of ghost hunters also had some great K2 spikes on request in the upper room and the group also heard some tapping on the table on request too.   Once more the time had run out and it was with heavy hearts that we embarked on way home and thankful the spirits of The Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum had entertained and enthralled us all with their powers to communicate with us.