Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting Blogs At St. Catherine's Former Mental Hospital, Doncaster, With Simply Ghost Nights, 5th December 2014

Simply Ghost Nights returned to St. Catherine's former health institution for another paranormal investigation, this place is fast becoming one of favourite most haunted of locations with an abundant of ghostly spirits wanting to communicate with our ghost hunters. As we opened the doors to our guests who were all excited to be investigating the former wards, cellars, and spooky corridors of this former hospital. The night commenced with a general chat about how the night would run and a short introduction by Jez about the equipment our ghost hunters would be using.   We kicked off the night with a group vigil in what we called the drawing room, Stuart Simply Ghost Nights resident medium spoke of how he could see a spirit child watching the group and running along the wall, with Stuart's words only just finished three ghost hunters shrieked as they said that they had been touched on the head and another two ghost hunters said that they had watched the figure of a child walk opposite them and quickly vanish. We suddenly started to hear tapping from within the walls of the room and how ever we tried to trace these taps we could not. With this excitement it was decided that we should all pair off into our smaller groups and attempt spirit interaction at St. Catherine's Former Institute.   Gaz mentioned that he took  Paul and his son to a room in the cellar along with an Ovilus and that he came back a few minutes later because he had asked what his name was to the spirits and the Ovilus had answered "Paul". Gaz also saw the screen of the Ovilus and this had Paul stunned too.   Lesley and Rosey mentioned that on the ground floor they witnessed spiking on request on the K2 meter, along with the REM pod going off at the same time. The group made contact with Betty a 24 yr. old unmarried mother who was a patient at the hospital before passing over. She didn't like being asked any sensitive questions and everyone said that their knees got cold on request and some of the guests also said that their hands and arms kept repeatedly getting blown on. A guest reported getting their arm touched and one of the guests had to leave the room as James came through again from a previous vigil and kept affecting her by making her feel sick.   Stuart and Andy both spoke at length about a vigil in the drawing room where a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact with a spirit called Annie, while using the Ouija board Annie informed the group that she had died in the hospital, Annie claimed to enjoy returning to the hospital to communicate with the living.    Also while using the Franks box towards the end of the vigil with Stuart who said 'right we'd better leave now' a voice said from the Franks box 'yes you'd better leave' this not only shocked Stuart and the rest of the group for the Franks box to say what it did.    Jez and Phil both added that when they did a vigil in the kitchen area a group of ghost hunters all heard their names mentioned back to them and when using the table the group made spirit contact with a spirit called Bobby who had worked at the hospital, Jez said that Bobby also moved the table between a number of the guests as well in the side room in the kitchen area.   Once again the sands of time had beaten us and it was time to make our way home after another exhilarating night of ghost hunting at St. Catherine's former institution in Doncaster.