Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting Events At Blackpool Pleasure Beach & The Ghost Train, 26th & 27th September

Two ghost hunts at Blackpool's world famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach with Simply Ghost Nights on the 26th and 27th September. the first of our ghost hunts at Blackpool Pleasure Beach was on the Friday night and it was one event we had been waiting for along time, our concern was would the event be like a wet afternoon on the beach or a rollercoaster of paranormal activity.   We commenced the night with a group vigil in the eerie Attic bar, however it wasn't long before the spirits started to interact with our brave ghost hunters, Stuart said that he sensed the spirit of a woman called Sylvia and that she had worked at the Pleasure beach in the 1960's, it was a few moments later when Shell said that she had seen the a figure moving directly opposite from her. When the group asked Sylvia to do something to acknowledge the group a loud tap was heard from the direction of the figure that Shell had seen. With K2's spiking as well the energies in The Attic were electric, Debbie and Sharon both said that they could feel something pulling on their clothes and both Debbie and Sharon were at opposite ends of the circle. We then decide to break into smaller groups and attempt spirit communication on a ghost hunt at Blackpool Pleasure beach.   In the Ghost train a group of ghost hunters had a brilliant experience while table tipping, the group made spiritual contact with a former worker at the Pleasure beach, as well as the table tipping a group made contact with the ghostly residents via the Ouija board, the group communicated with another gentleman who had worked on the site and claimed to have passed to spirit in 1974 and had worked at the Pleasure beach until 1956. although the gentleman never gave his name he did go to the 'T' when asked what his name began with.   Both the Ghost Train and The Attic did not disappoint our brave ghost hunters with David claiming to have heard a guttural voice in the ghost train say get out, it was definitely an event to remember. Would our second ghost hunt at The Blackpool Pleasure Beach live up to the same billing, we would soon find out.   This was Simply Ghost Nights second night in the weekend of terror at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, after a harem scare'm night on the Friday would the Saturday turn out to be as active, so with a roll up, roll up to the ghost hunt at The Blackpool Pleasure Beach it was time to commence the ride into the ghostly world.   Once again we began with a group vigil in the Attic then we decided to break up into smaller groups. Chris and Sam both excitedly narrated about a vigil in the foyer area where Chris described how the table moved onto one leg and also moved around to each participant at will. Coincidentally Stuart and Jez both commented that they experienced the same paranormal activity in the same area with a different group. Jez explained that the group were ecstatic when the table moved about and tipped on to two legs as well.   Rosey and Lesley explained that in the Attic with a group of ghost hunters, Brett saw a dark shadow move by the bar area and moments later the group heard the banging of glasses behind the empty bar, with no one behind the bar this got the group wondering was this action caused by the spirit Brett had seen.   In the ghost train Jez and Stuart spoke of some brilliant glass work in zone 2, the group made ghostly contact with a former employee of the Blackpool Pleasure beach, the group ascertained that this gentleman was called Tommy via the glass and that Tommy had lived in the area and that he had been married and furthermore his wife had worked at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach.   With all groups getting some good responses from the Franks box and the new SB-11, as well corner of the eye movement and people been touched it was surely an excellent night and the team cannot wait for the return in 2015.