Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting Events At Cusworth Hall, Doncaster, With Simply Ghost Nights, 25th October 2014

Simply Ghosts Nights were once again helped out by Craig and the team at Cusworth Hall in ensuring we had enough chairs and anything else we required to make sure the event ran smoothly and professionally and the team are a credit to Cusworth Hall.   The night commenced with a group vigil in the ballroom at Cusworth hall, as the group held hands calling out for spiritual communication a number of guests mentioned that they could hear footsteps from the corridor, on investigation the guests found no one in the corridor and the area empty, we occasionally had a few blips on the K2  but nothing as strange as the ghostly footsteps that we had heard. After about ten minutes we decided to break up into smaller groups and investigate the spirit world of Cusworth Hall.   Mark, Cassie and Phil mentioned that in the Jockey room a group of ghost hunters experienced some table tapping on request and one member of the group said that she had seen the figure of a woman behind a glass screen through the night vision goggles. Also in this vigil it was recorded that the K2 spiked on numerous occasions as if the spirit world were interfering with the equipment on request.   Treena and Jez also remarked that they had witnessed some table tipping in the hearse room with the table moving to every ghost hunter sat at the table on request, in addition a couple of ghost hunters who were holding a vigil together both mentioned that they had heard some incarnate grumbling through the sound enhances.   Stuart and Andy both spoke about a vigil in the ballroom where a group of ghost hunters were delighted to hear their taps on the table been copied by the spirit world as the exact same taps they had tapped out on the table, also while using the Franks box the group loved it when they too heard their own names been repeated back via the Franks box as well. Another incident of note was that the group heard the same footsteps in this vigil in the ballroom and on inspection again no one was in the area at all. Rosey and Lesley also spoke of a vigil in the hearse room where a group of ghost hunters were delighted when the table tipped on to two legs in a table tipping experiment, and in a vigil in one of the smaller rooms at Cusworth Hall four girls were terrified when the K2 would in their own words 'go off on request' and one of the wooden window shutters in the room inexplicably banged with no noticeable draught or wind that could have caused the banging.   As with most blogs it can difficult to add every occurrence to the blog, but what we found yet again at Cusworth hall the spirits did not let our ghost hunters down, with some excellent glass work recorded table tipping, many guests complaining of feeling cold breezes on them, and been touched as well as the K2 spikes and some fantastic examples of spirit interaction via the Franks box, all in all it was a pleasure yet again to return to Cusworth hall for a paranormal investigation.