Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting Events At Ripon Workhouse Museum & Orphanage, With Simply Ghost Nights, 1st May 2015

Once again Simply Ghost Nights returned to one of our favourite locations The Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum on the 1st May 2015. Ripon Workhouse is one of the most haunted venues that we hold ghost hunting events at and with this in our minds it was with great anticipation that the night began. The night started with a brief chat and discussion about how the night would run and the equipment that our guests could use on an investigation. After the chat with our guests it was time for the investigation to start with a group vigil, after short while we decided to break up into smaller groups.    Rosey, Chris and Kev had a vigil in the nurses area where a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a spirit girl called Amy, who happened to spell out a four digit code which meant nothing at the time to anyone. However after the event Kev investigated this mysterious code and learned and it's a reference to a book called Dickens And The Workhouse and  when looking into it deeper Kevin also learned that Charles Dickens investigated some of the workhouses and  can you believe it spent time gathering information from a workhouse girl in Yorkshire called Amy. Could Amy be the spirit girl who had spoken to Charles Dickens all those years ago.   The actual code was 7xYz and the book Charles Dickens wrote was called Workhouse and has since been adapted by an author called Ruth Richardson, Kevin later found out to the surprise of all the Simply Ghost Nights teams.   In a vigil with Stuart and Jez in the welcome room during an Ouija board session a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a female spirit called Alice, who communicated via 'Yes and No'. the group learned that Alice had lived in the workhouse after her and her husband had fallen on hard times. Alice also made the K2's spike on request as well on a number of occasions.   Rosey, Kevin and Chris described a table tipping experiment in the nurses rooms where all who part had the table move towards them, with each person on the table only having their hands slightly on the table amazed all those who partook this vigil.   Sarah and Treena spoke of how in the upstairs room a number of guests felt cold breezes on them and quite big temperature fluctuations in the room as well, and also around our ghost hunters. Footsteps were also heard in the room with everyone in the room sat down the footsteps were heard from the other side of the room and tapping on the table was also heard on the table too.   The Nurses area provided a brilliant session with the Franks box with Jez and Stuart as each member of the group heard their name mentioned and almost each one of them was described in a somewhat vulgar manner and words that cannot be wrote down for use in this blog.   Simply Ghost Nights return on the 1st August 2015.