Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting Events At The Former Stanley Tools Factory, Sheffield, 4th April 2015, With Simply Ghost Nights

Simply Ghost Nights returned to The Former Stanley Tools Factory for a ghost hunting event on the 4th April 2015, after our previous ghost hunt there the SGN team were really excited to attempt spirit communication with the former workers and residents of the area.   We conducted our group vigil in the cellars although numerous guests commented on seeing dark shadows in the same places on many occasions, we had no spiking from the K2's, however we were more than happy that our guests had seen ghostly figures moving around the circle we had formed.   Lesley and Rosey described on walking into level two with some guests they heard a loud thump on the wall. It was a tyre that had rolled and hit the wall with no one in that area at all.  And as  the table rocking backwards and forwards one of the guests saw a shadow walk past the REM pod, setting it off and walking on and once again no one was in that area at all.   Lesley and Rosey described that in one vigil in the offices one group were working in one of the larger offices had some good glass work. At the same time two other guests were in another room where they had the REM pod go off and the group also heard loud footsteps and saw a white light anomaly on the wall.   Whilst standing in the same area where the REM pod went off Lesley and a guest saw a tall shadowy figure looking at them through a doorway. It looked like he was wearing a factory coat, both of them of couldn't believe what we were seeing as it was just stood watching.   On similar note the exact same thing happened to a few guests in Jez's and Stuart vigil in the same area with their guests going in pursuit of this dark entity that had manifested itself once more and then disappeared. Lesley described how she turned her torch on to rule out reflections of something in that room and Lesley added that they couldn't see anything that could have caused what they had seen, this was the same with Jez's and Stuart's vigil where no reasonable explanation to what he group had saw.   Sarah and Cassie spoke of a glass session on the second floor where a group of ghost hunters were enthralled to be communicating with a spirit of young girl, although the girl didn't make a lot of sense with spelling words the group managed to ascertain some personal facts from the spirit girl via yes and no on the Ouija board.    Stuart and Jez mentioned a vigil on the top floor when using the Franks box most of the group each heard their names mentioned and even a number of guests were called some savoury words especially one of the sceptics Michael who was surprised to hear the word he was called.      Rosey and Lesley noted a vigil on the first floor with table moving backwards and forwards and everyone heard women's footsteps wearing heels near the group it then stopped for a fraction of a second and then started again but about 10 feet from where they had stopped previously At the same time another guest sat on his own said he could hear the noise of a printing press and also the sound of a woman's footsteps in heels walking around him. When Lesley radioed through upstairs to ask the vigil on second floor if anyone was walking round the answer was no as everyone was sat down.