Ghost Hunts & Ghost Hunting Events At The Old Newsham Park Hospital & Orphanage Liverpool, With Simply Ghost Nights, 20th September 2014

This ghost hunt at The Liverpool Orphanage was Simply Ghost Nights tenth visit to this much vaunted ghost hunting venue in Liverpool, once again this was another full house of brave ghost hunters and in the past, we have had some amazing activity in the past so the Simply Ghost Nights team were excited to be returning to this most haunted of buildings. The event began with a short introduction and discussion about the ghost hunting equipment that our ghost hunters could use on a ghost at the Liverpool Orphanage. After a brief group vigil we then split into smaller groups to really get to grips and attempt spirit contact with the spirits of The Liverpool Orphanage. In the wards with Stuart and Vee with a group of ghost hunters were sat calling out when a bright light just like a flash light emanated from the top of a wall of the room in full view of the entire group, some of the guests screamed in terror at the torch like flash of light that had lit up that corner of the room, once everyone had gathered themselves the group looked for a reason for this bizzare light, on investigation the group could find no normal reason for the light, only that it may have been spirit.   Rosey delighted in informing the SGN team at the end of the night in the School house that on request the whole group heard whistling coming back to them repeatedly, whatever the tune one of the group whistled was bewildering whistled back to them from the empty room upstairs.   Rosey added that two ghost hunters went to a lone vigil in the School room on the top floor when they ran out terrified by the fact that they had heard ghostly footsteps next to them and a deathly growl next to them, this shook the two of them up and they immediately ran downstairs to join the reminder of the group to tell their tale.   Jez and Lesley mentioned that in a vigil in the school room a group of ghost hunters experienced some fantastic table tapping on the table, and strangely in the caretakers room two guests heard an incarnate voice say get out with no one else in the room with them. Lesley also spoke of how in the upstairs of the school room the group made spirit contact with a gentleman spirit who communicated via the Ouija board and informed the group that he had worked at the Orphanage as a teacher.   Chris and Sam both spoke of an incident that had occurred in the School house which pleasantly surprised Chris who claimed this was the highlight of his night, in Chris's own words.    " For me the highlight was having a volunteer go on a lone vigil in the caretakers room in the old school house. The reason being that on our previous visit two female guests were also in there and captured a voice recording of a gruff male ordering them out not once but twice. I purposely did not tell this volunteer what had happened specifically other than something had happened previously. After some 10 to 15 minutes he came out of the room and told me that he had been told to leave in no uncertain terms! I am not going to quote the words used here but they were exactly the same on both occasions and nobody, other than me, on the team or amongst the guests had any prior knowledge of what had been said."  With this incident been repeated once before on an investigation have our brave ghost hunters stumbled upon a troubled soul who wants to be left alone or a spirit who detests people in his area. All team leaders commented on some dramatic activity, not least in the punishment corridor in the attic with table work and guests feeling that they were being touched. Also there was some great examples of spirit contact via the Franks box in a lot of the vigils and Chris commented that in the laundry a group of ghost hunters witnessed  extreme K2 evidence in the laundry and yes we had checked that all mobile phones were off! It was responding to questions and there were two meters in use. As the night came to an end we all admitted that the spirits had truly entertained all of our guests with table tipping, glass work Franks box, and the bizarre light analomies and the E.V.P incident in the school house. The SGN team look forward to our next visit  in 2015.