Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunting At Cusworth hall, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, 14th December 2013

Once again we must mention a big thank you to Phil and his team at Cusworth Hall for helping us and ensuring the event ran smoothly. With a full house of ghost hunters all eager to sample the ghostly delights that Cusworth hall would throw at them and Cusworth hall is an imposing building set in its own grounds with three floors to investigate. After a brief walk around the building with the team and Chris Conway it was time to split into smaller groups and attempt to communicate with the ghostly residents of Cusworth hall. Once again Norman a spirit who we have met on previous visits to Cusworth hall, made contact with a group of ghost hunters Norman as always had a soft spot for SGN's Rosey and this time was no different with the table moving towards Rosey on request, also Rosey mentioned on this occasion the table moved to a brave ghost hunter called Hannah on request. Was Norman sharing himself out amongst the ladies other than Rosey on this occasion? Also in the Jockey room with Lesley and Treena the group made spectral contact with two spirits called Charlie and Katie through the Ouija board, The whole group heard the sound of footsteps in the nearby corridor and when they turned around no one was there to the groups surprise. Lesley also spoke of a ghostly shadow moving about that was spotted by three ghost hunters. In a vigil with Jez and Stuart downstairs in the laundry area, a group of ghost hunters experienced some brilliant table tipping when asked by our ghost hunters, and also in this vigil the K2 spiked from Green to Red on calling out for the spirits to do so, and the group could receive answers to their questions via the spiking on the K2. During a vigil in the Hearse room Lesley was with two guests when a spirit called Tom came through on franks box, Lesley said that they heard some yes and no's to questions. Lesley and Treena commented that tapping on the table was also heard in this vigil. Phil spoke of a vigil in the ballroom where the table moved backwards and forwards to each ghost hunter when they asked for the table to come to them, Phil described how some members of the group said that they had felt as though something had touched their heads. This was also mentioned by Rosey in the same vigil area that some of her group had stated that they had been touched as well. In the course of a vigil in the Main entrance Lesley spoke of when attempting scrying two guests saw shadows moving behind them and both guests said their faces changed, one describing wearing a black head scarf, and that her face had become wider, and her mouth thinner as well as dark around eyes wearing a necklace and that she was aged in her late 40s to early 50s. Strangely enough most investigators recorded the sound of heavy breathing in the basement area with no one in the area of the noise, as well as this all groups experienced some communication via the Ouija board and there were also reports of shadows moving through the night vision goggles.