Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunting At Doncaster Air Museum, Yorkshire, 26th April 2014

Once again we could not begin to comment about Doncaster Air Museum without acknowledging Alan the custodian of Doncaster Air Museum, Alan is always on hand to assist with any requirements to ensure that the event runs smoothly. With a full house of ghost hunters all excited and eager for the night to begin, after a brief tour and history chat with Alan we started the night with a group vigil in hangar 21. As the group stood in a circle holding hands we all heard footsteps from the empty corridor and in the circle a number of ghost hunters claimed to have been touched. As well as the K2 spiking on a number of occasions, after about twenty minutes we then broke up into smaller groups to investigate Doncaster Air Museum. Stuart and Chris noted that in a vigil in hangar 21 after a glass session two ghost hunters Brett and Sam both stated that they had seen a bright red light manifest about eight feet away from them, move for a matter of seconds and then inexplicably vanish to their amazement. Both Sam and Brett both remonstrated what they saw and they were in agreement with what they saw and how it moved as well. Rosey, Jez and Danni spoke of how they were in hangar 21 and that they were sat around a table in the train memorabilia room and that they could hear loud taps coming from Blitz area, every time they someone went to investigate what was causing the loud taps they could find no explanation for this as every time someone went to investigate it stopped.   Then at one point the whole group all felt as if someone was walking around the table as all our seats were bouncing, everyone was in this room all sitting down so this was unexplainable to everyone in the group. A brave ghost hunter stood up and walked around the table and everyone commented that it felt exactly like what the whole group had just experienced?   In hanger 19 Rosey, Jez and Danni mentioned that they had tapping on planes upon request, but the most bizarre thing was that everyone heard what sounded like someone go to the toilet, ie the door (sliding door) opened and then closed. Rosey and a ghost hunter immediately went to check if it was someone had opened the door to the toilet and no one was there or in the area as hangar 19 is situated in a corner of the Doncaster Air Museum.   Both Phil and Nigel both mentioned some brilliant table tapping in the main hangar and K2 spikes as well, one ghost hunter claimed to have seen a dark shadow moving about one of the helicopters in the main hangar, on investigation no discernable shadow could be seen and this something Chris and Stuart mentioned that they too had witnessed some strange happenings in and around the helicopters as well when they were in the Main hangar.   Donna, Lesley and Treena all spoke of spoke of some excellent table tipping and tapping as well as K2 spikes on request, they also spoke of how a number of ghost hunters had shrieked that they had been touched in a vigil too.   With yet another eventful ghost hunt at the Doncaster Air Museum under our belts it was time for us to pack up the equipment and thank the spirits for communicating with our brave ghost hunters.