Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunting At Fort Paull, Hull, With Simply Ghost Nights, 16th August 2013

Our return to Fort Paull was one we were looking forward to with its underground bunkers, cells, tunnels, the Beverley airplane and the old railway carriage to hold a paranormal investigation made Fort Paull an exciting venue to go ghost hunting at. Due to the size of the location we ruled out a mediumistic tour of the pace as it would have eaten into our ghost hunters' precious ghost hunting time. We then split into smaller groups in our endeavours to communicate with the spirits of Fort Paull. In a vigil in one of the darkened corridors Treena and Lesley explained that they witnessed during a table tipping session with a group of ghost hunters were enthralled by the table rocking backwards and forwards with each participants fingers very lightly on the table. Treena and Lesley also mentioned that it was in this vigil that they also had the K2 spiking repeatedly on request. In a vigil with Simply Ghost Nights resident medium Stuart and team leaders Gaz and Jez in the Beverley plane a group of ghost hunters were calling out for ghostly interaction from the spirit world when it was decided to attempt an experiment called the Singapore theory, this where you call out to the spirits to tap or bang on an item that they were familiar with while they were on the earth plane. So with this experiment in mind we asked for any spirits that had flown or worked on the plane and instantly two loud bangs were heard from near to the group at the front of the plane and one at the rear of the plane where nobody was situated. This episode totally blew the group away who had heard both of the loud bangs. What we ascertained was that we had not heard a bang like it prior to our asking the spirits to tap or bang with respect to the Singapore theory. In the cold dank cellar areas with Jez and Gaz a group of ghost hunters witnessed dark shadows moving along the corridor so much so that 3 of the ghost hunters had to be taken out of the corridor vicinity and back to ground level. Gaz and Jez mentioned that this group also experienced table tipping in one of the rooms off the corridor. Once again we were beaten by the clock and yet again Fort Paull had offered our brave ghost hunters plenty of food for thought in regards to paranormal activity.