Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunting At Gilesgate Barracks, Durham, With Simply Ghost Nights, 18th October 2013.

In the past on our previous visits to Gilesgate Barracks as been a hidden gem of paranormal activity, with a variety of differing occurrences of note that have been witnessed or heard from our earlier events at Gilesgate barracks. The Barracks are nestled between a variety of shops set back from the nearby road, with tales of a white lady seen to walk the grounds near the cemetery and the eerie sound of children crying, and the sight of a Victorian soldier walking in the car park, who could not resist a paranormal investigation at Gilesgate Barracks. We began the night with a group vigil in what we classed as the sleeping area for the billeted soldiers, and as we made a circle and called out to the spirits of Gilesgate to respond to our calls for some form of ghostly interaction. As we waited for a response Stuart Simply Ghost Nights resident medium said that he felt that the group were indeed been watched by three spirit children, Stuart said that the children were wearing dishevelled and he considered that they were on visitation at Barracks as they would have lived in close proximity to barracks while they were on the earth plane and that the barracks were a place of happiness and joy where the soldiers would have given them some of their supplies.   Also Stuart made spirit contact with a former soldier by the name of Jeremiah in the group vigil, Stuart spoke of how Jeremiah walked around the group staring and looking at them, Stuart described Jeremiah as a man in his late 40's portly in shape and rather large sideburns.  As we continued to call out to the spirit world Michael a Simply Ghost Nights brave ghost hunter, said that he thought that he had felt something touch his trousers and Wendy also said that she thought something had tugged at her top, could this have been the foraging hands of the spirit children of Gilesgate barracks. Also John said that he could also hear the sound of heavy footsteps behind him, and Jenny, Adam, and Jonny all said that could see noticeabledark shadows moving in the circle near them. With this in  mind and our ghost hunters willingness to continue their search for ghostly activity we then broke up into smaller groups to attempt spirit communication with the former residents of Gilesgate Barracks.   In a vigil with Rosey, Lesley and Treena the group were attempting spirit communication when self confessed sceptic John who claimed he wouldn't believe anything at the beginning of the night suddenly leapt from his chair after feeling a cool breeze blow on his face that totally freaked him out. Also in this vigil the group witnessed some fantastic table tapping on request that yet again had John freaked out as he never seen K2 meters spike on request as they did in this vigil. Stuart and Simon were in a vigil in one of the adjoining rooms with a group of brave ghost hunters when they made ghostly contact with the irrepressible Jeremiah via a table tipping experiment, in which the table rocked to and fro to the excitement of the group. The group also witnessed K2 spiking on request which yet again mystified the ensemble of ghost hunters who saw the K2 spike when asked. Malcolm mentioned that he had seen a dark shadow literally hover the table momentarily and make the part of the table go dark from where he was sat around the table.  In this vigil the group also used the Franks box where when asked if it was Jeremiah who was communicating with the group the word yes was heard, as was Wendy's, John, Lillian's and Simons names were also heard through the Franks box.  In a vigil in the main corridor a group of ghost hunters made contact with a spirit called John via the Ouija board, and who had the table tipping in all directions to the excitement of the group. Once again we were beaten by the clock and it was time to thank the spirits of Gilesgate barracks for entertaining and as we said our goodbyes to the spirits and our brave ghost hunters we knew we will return in 2014 to Gilesgate Barracks.