Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunting At Knottingley Town Hall, West Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 22nd February 2013

We arrived at Knottingley Town hall full of anticipation of our visit to this Town hall nestled in between Pontefract and Wakefield, Knottingley town hall had never let us down with the paranormal activity we had witnessed there previously, would we be going home disappointed only time would tell. With another full house of brave ghost hunters we begun the investigation in the dark cellars with a group vigil, as we held hands in a large circle calling out for spirit activity, Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium said that he felt the spirit of a gentleman who would have worked at the hall in the maintenance department, possibly from the 1930's period. Stuart said he could see the man carrying a bag of tools as he went about his business in the corridor adjoining the room we were calling out from. One brave ghost hunter Sarah claimed to have seen a light analomy float by the door way and into the corridor, this was also seen by Sophie and Mary, could this have been the spirit of the maintenance man Stuart had spoke of. Paul, Nikki, Lee and Mark all heard tapping coming from within the empty corridor of the cellar area, as the group continued to call out the two K2 meters that were in the middle of the circle began to dance from it's normal green to red. The whole group loved this as the spirits communicated via the K2 meters. Also dark shadows were spotted moving around the door entrance by  Matt, Chris, Mark, and Paul. With this much activity to begin with, we could not resist breaking up into smaller groups and commencing our investigation of Knottingley Town hall. In the dance hall with Rosey, Mel, and Jo the spirit of a soldier came through on the ouija board, who claimed to have lost a leg in the 1 st world war, however at the same time Simon one of Simply Ghost Nights investigators was sat at a spelling communicator that he had devised spelled the word leg. When the group witnessed this it had them bewildered to say the least. Mark and Phil mentioned the spirit of a gentleman came through called Bernard on the ouija board in the dance studio. Bernard claimed to have worked with numbers in the Town hall, could he have been an accountant or did he work in the payments department. In another vigil in the dance studio with Stuart and Jez, the group were using the Franks box and were all sat in a circle around the table. Stuart asked the group to introduce themselves by calling out their names, and each ghost hunter duly obliged, however what happened next absolutely had everyone in the stunned. First Leigh's name was mentioned, Tony's was next, then Steven's, and Jez's, and Paul's, then Adrian's, as well as Stuart's and Anthony's name as well. Then Adrian said that he wanted to hear his surname called out from the Franks box, but without going into too much detail Adrian has a very uncommon surname. Adrian called out his surname and almost instantly his surname was heard loud and clear. All those that heard it were totally speechless to as what they had clearly heard from the Franks box. Julie mentioned that she had heard a woman singing while wearing the sound enhances in the dance hall. Tony said rather quietly that while using the scrying mirrors that he actually became a woman with long auburn hair and that his nose had shrunk in size. All team leaders mentioned that they had recorded table tipping, and glass work on our investigation at Knottingley Town hall.