Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunting At R.A.F Binbrook, Lincolnshire 10th May 2014

We once again travelled into the beautiful county of Lincolnshire and the scenic Wolds, however it was not the scenery we had come to see it was the spirits of R.A.F Binbrook we had made the journey to hopefully communicate with on a ghost hunting event at R.A.F Binbrook. Firstly we have to thank Lee and the team at R.A.F Binbrook for their hospitality in ensuring that the event ran smoothly and professionally. The event commenced with a short and concise chat about ghost hunting with our guests and a run through the equipment from Simply Ghost Nights team leader Jez. After a brief break it was time to attempt spiritual contact with the ghostly residents of R.A.F Binbrook. Our main group vigil began with everyone holding hands in a circle and calling out for spirit interaction, Stuart the resident medium made contact with a number of spirits the first been a spirit called Thomas, and another male spirit called Lewis. Stuart said that the gentleman spirits were on the stage with the group opposite him watching the group. Simply Ghost Nights Nigel and four ghost hunters all spoke at once that they had seen the figure of a gentleman standing on the floor of the theatre watching them and then disappear. Jez explained that he had spotted gentleman leaning against the fire exit door and but he appeared to be wearing a grey or air force blue over coat and was just watching what we were doing and another two ghost hunters who were sitting in a different part of the circle also exclaimed that they had seen the same spirit gentleman the strangest thing was that both sets of witnesses described identically what they had seen. As this was going on a ghost hunter shrieked hysterically from where Stuart had noted where the two male spirits of Thomas and Lewis had been, she claimed that she had been touched on the head by unseen hands and had felt a cold sharp piercing breeze on her face on even though we were still holding hands and there had been no breeze earlier. We had to take our ghost hunter out of the circle until she could calm down about what had happened to her. Could this have been the two spirits Stuart had mentioned making their presence known to the group. After all of this we decided it was time to embark on our search for ghostly contact with the spirit world of R.A.F Binbrook. In the main hub room Jez and Vee spoke how they had some really good tapping on the table while trying an old Victorian séance and the spirits responded to the group's request to communicate with them by making the K2 spike as well, and a number of guests also reported light analomies in the room as well. In the tunnels Vee mentioned how a group had heard tapping on the metal pipes with nobody near them and no reasonable explanation for the tapping on request of the pipes too. On the top floor with Stuart, Lesley and Nigel a group of ghost hunters made contact with a spirit called Edith via the glass, the group also experienced some table movement to, a number of guests saw shadows moving at the far end of the room and a strange light anomaly was seen by most of the group again at the bottom of the room again. However during this vigil the group ascertained that Edith had taken a shine to Martin and a dislike to Martins partner Hannah, and at one point Martin said that he had felt something touch his head and this was confirmed via the glass when the group asked Edith if she had indeed touched martins head. The highlight of this vigil was when using the Franks box when both Martin, Mark another guest and Nigel were all verbally abused by spirit when using the Franks box. In the theatre a group of ghost hunters experienced some brilliant glass work where they made spirit contact with a gentleman called David, the group asked David to move the table and after a while David responded by moving the table between the group of ghost hunters. Once again strange shadows were seen moving around the theatre for no discernable reason. Once gain our time was up on our ghost hunting adventure at R.A.F Binbrook and as we thanked the spirits and our group of great ghost hunters for their positive energies and attitudes in communicating with each other. We all made our way to our homes safe in the knowledge tat the spirit world do truly love to communicate with our world.