Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunting At R.A.F Binbrook, With Simply Ghost Nights, 13th September 2014

Ghost hunts at R.A.F Binbrook in Lincolnshire have never failed to live up to our expectations of paranormal activity from the spirit world. This was our tenth or so ghost hunt at R.A.F Binbrook and one the SGN team were looking forward to as well.   We commenced with a group vigil in the downstairs cellars where Simply Ghost Nights medium ,made spectral contact with a male spirit called Timmy, Stuart said that the Timmy was walking around the room watching the group, after a few minutes footsteps were heard from the empty stairs leading down to the cellars and a number of guests also said that they saw a figure come right up to their faces, could this have been Timmy attempting to make his presence known to the group.   Also in the cellars we experienced some great K2 spiking on request and the K2 was actually spiking on request as the group asked Timmy to affect the green light on the K2 which was on the floor.   After 30 minutes or so we decided to break up into smaller groups and investigate R.A.F Binbrook with our brave ghost hunters.   In one of the upstairs rooms a group of ghost hunters attempted to make spirit contact via table tapping, which after a while the group experienced some amazing table tapping with the spirits copying the tapping exactly what our ghost hunters had tapped. In the same vigil the group tried some table tipping but the table only moved a little or so. However while using the Franks box the group recorded some amazing results, with Aaron a sceptic almost speechless when hearing his name called out from the Franks box and a number of other ghost hunters who heard their name called out as well.     Upstairs in karate room with Rosey and Lesley who's group sampled lots of tapping on the table which was once more identical to what the guests had tapped on the table and the table also creaked as well while attempting a table tipping experiment. In this vigil both Rosey and Lesley chirped about the virtues of the REM Pod when it inexplicably went off twice on request and then bizarrely when they asked the spirits to do  something special and set off the blue lights again on the REM pod bizarrely the burglar alarm went off and the police turned up to inspect why the alarm, however Lee one of the key holders present on the night could find no reason for the alarm to go off, could this have been the spirit world interfering with the electrics at RAF Binbrook.    In a vigil in the theatre with Jez and Stuart had 5 guests around the table while Rosey had a group on the stage. The table was creaking with Stuart and Jez's group but wouldn't move as it was on a carpet, however Rosey's group had the table moving in circles on the stage, and unexpectedly the Theatre door rattled as if someone was trying to come in but no one there.   In the  Cellar with Stuart and Lesley all the guests complained that the cellar kept going shadowy and dark and then bright again. Also in the cellars the K2 spiked on request and cold draughts were experienced by several of the guests also several light anomalies were seen on the walls with no discernible light source to make them.