Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunting At Ryecroft Hall, Manchester, With Simply Ghost Nights, 7th September 2013

Ryecroft Hall is fast becoming a ghost hunting favourite of many a ghost hunter situated in Audenshaw in Manchester, Ryecroft Hall is under the stewardship of the local Council but before this came to been Ryecroft hall was owned by the Buckley's, the Buckley's  were a family of wealthy cotton manufacturers who also owned other property in the area. The hall took several years to build and was opulently styled in a manner befitting a successful and affluent Victorian family. Many of the rooms still have their original wood panelling and stunning ornate ceilings. The property was inherited by various members of the Buckley family before being sold to businessman and local MP Austin Hopkinson. And during the 1914-18 war Ryecroft Hall was used as a Red Cross hospital and communications centre and remnants of its use can still be observed in the cellar where the original signs are still visible on the old doors. In 1922 the house and grounds were given to the district of Audenshaw and it was used as a social and administrative centre. With its history as it is Ryecroft hall is a fantastic location to hold a ghost hunting event with its distinctive wood panelling and ornate ceilings to the dark cellars where in the past we have heard ghostly footsteps and incarnate voices. With another sell out event we dispensed with the group vigil and went straight to the paranormal investigation of Ryecroft hall and all its ghostly inhabitants. We were joined at Ryecroft hall by our latest addition the Simply Ghost Nights family by Chris, although Chris is new to the paranormal world he brings with him the same dedication, integrity and professionalism with which all our team leaders have in abundance. Chris and Lesley spoke of the incredible table work in dance room and how it was literally "dancing" from one end of room to the other, on request, and several times and often at great speed. Lesley also mentioned they also had tapping on table responding to questions. Also during an Ouija board session the spirit of a cleaner who didn't like Lesley standing near the ladies toilet. And a few names of our guests who were listening intently came through franks box. Chris also spoke of the definite moans heard by everyone in the cellar vigil and footsteps above the group when no one was walking about. In a vigil with Jez and resident medium Stuart in the dance room a group were participating in a table tipping experiment, and one of our brave ghost hunters asked to leave the room as she was afraid of the table moving, when as she was about 10 feet from the door the door handle suddenly turned and the sound of the door opening was also heard. This immediately freaked out our brave ghost hunter who then stated that she wasn't leaving the room after all. As there was no logical reason for both the door handle and the door open as no one else was around the group. Jez and Stuart also mentioned that they had witnessed table tipping in the dance room, glass work too and one ghost hunter came out of one of the rooms on the top floor claiming to have heard her a guttural voice spoke through the sound enhances. Sam and Mel reported that in most vigils they witnessed glass and table activity reported throughout the event. Customers reported making ghostly contact with a spirit lady who enjoyed dancing in the ballroom as she communicated to the group via the Ouija board and a very officious elderly gentleman came through on the top floor and the old gentleman made his feelings known on that he wasn't impressed that group were in his area. Gaz and Simon made reference that in the wedding room they had table tipping which enthralled the group, and many of the group claimed to have been touched by cold hands. In the uneasy cellars many ghost hunters claimed to have felt cold spots and feelings of been uneasy. Gaz also acknowledged that in the ballroom a group also made spirit contact with a female spirit through the Ouija board. As the event came to an end and we all spoke of how much activity we had witnessed we all agreed that once more Ryecroft hall had indeed been a very active night again.