Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunting At St. Briavels, Gloucestershire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 6th September 2014

This was the second part of our ghost hunting fest at St. Briavels, the afternoon  included a demonstration of mediumship with Simply Ghost Nights medium Stuart, a workshop with Gaz and Sam and a Reiki session with Lesley as well. With excellent feed back from all our guests regarding the afternoons activities it is something we will be doing on our return to St. Briavels in 2015.   The ghost hunt at St. Briavels commenced with a short welcome meeting and group vigil and then it was time to start off with the investigation.   Stuart and Jez touched on a vigil they had in the oubliette room with a group of ghost hunters, the group made spirit contact with a male spirit called Richard via the glass and Richard claimed to have been a guard at the castle. Richard also informed the group that he had passed in 1779 and that however he didn't know the age of his passing. When asked to copy a sequence of taps on the table, Richard duly obliged to the eagerness of the group, this vigil culminated in the table tipping on two legs to the elation of the group.    Rosey and Lesley expressed that in a vigil a group witnessed shadows been seen in the doorway and by the stairs, and very clear growls heard as if it was a very loud guttural noise and it was also described as the sound a dog makes when bearing its teeth, this was heard twice by all guests once by the fireplace and once by the doorway. A guest also reported something brushing past their legs.    In the prison room with Rosey and Lesley they both commented that the group had all stated that the atmosphere in the room felt very austere and uneasy when the group were communicating with a murderer, who confessed to murdering five people and he said via the glass that he regretted his past life and that he had been thrown down the oubliette and left to rot. This male spirit also said it was his face seen by the terrified young guest the night before. All guests then commented how the atmosphere in the room immediately lightened after this resident of St. Briavels had spoken to them.   Sam, Gaz and Sam mentioned that in a vigil they had some brilliant K2 work on request so much so that the K2 spiked from green to red every time one of the group asked for the spirit to touch the green light. Sam also stated that many in the group felt cold and had different temperatures and cold breezes were noted too, which coincidentally was mentioned by all team leader even though there wasn't a breeze on each occasion. Sam spoke at length about how a dark figure had been seen close to the oubliette room by two ghost hunters who were most shocked when describing what they had seen.   Rosey and Lesley also described how a group got a spirit on the board called Bob who wouldn't do anything for one of the guests, when they asked him to do anything on the table. For example the group were having brilliant table tipping but as soon as this particular guest spoke or coughed even, the table stopped dead. He told the group via pushing the table one or another that he didn't like this guest and just didn't want him participating on the table. Also when trying to communicate with Bob he took the table and glass to named guests but not to this one guest and the table moved in opposite directions on request and very strongly.   Stuart and Jez also commented on how in a vigil in the main hall while using the Franks box the group all herd their names repeated back via the Franks box to the groups delight and squeals, in this vigil we also heard the words Briavels mentioned through the Franks box.   All in all it was an amazing weekend of double ghost hunts and one we still talk about and look forward to our return in September 2015.