Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunting At Temple Newsam, Leeds, West Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 9th November 2013.

Rosey and Stuart the owners of Simply Ghost Nights had been to Temple Newsam many years ago on a paranormal investigation, and now to be returning to Temple Newsam for a paranormal investigation after four years they could not wait for the ghost hunting event to begin. We begun the night with a guided tour of the building and a short break before our investigation would start in earnest. The event started with a group vigil in the lavish ball room with everyone stood in a circle calling out for spirit activity, many ghost hunters claimed to have seen a dark shadow moving in the room and also a white ball of light was spotted moving and then disappearing as quickly as it came. After the group vigil we decided to break off into smaller groups and explore the supernatural world of Temple Newsam. In a vigil in one of the many rooms with Stuart and Donna a group of ghost hunters were communicating via table tapping with a male spirit called Mathew that Stuart Simply Ghost Nights medium had picked up on a mediumistic level. The group asked questions and listened intently to the knocking on the table in response to their questions. What happened next in this vigil clearly amazed the whole group as the table moved backwards and forwards with only their finger tips on the table. This shocked Vicky, Maureen, Deborah, Janet and Abi as the girls giggled as the table move in every direction, also in this vigil the Franks box repeated most of the group's names and this too amazed the squealing girls too. In the Big picture gallery with Lesley and Treena a male spirit on the table liked dancing so the table was moving and spinning at quite high speed chasing Lesley up the room. This happened for most of the vigil some guests saw shadows near the window and quite cold draughts were also experienced. Lesley also said that it looked like someone was moving behind the door as the light behind it kept changing. In a vigil with Rosey and Jez in the Gothic room Rosey spoke of how the table rocked backwards and forwards to the sheer exhilaration of the ghost hunters and Rosey mentioned that the table tipped on two legs as well to the group's excitement. As well as in this vigil the K2 was spiking on request and numerous ghost hunters complained of feeling hands touching their legs.   Stuart and Donna also spoke of in another part of the building with Nicola, Sarah, Julie, Julie, Brett, Tania and Gill, Stuart picked up on the names William and Neville both two male energies that wanted to communicate, the group attempted a table tipping experiment and were delighted when the table moved from side to side backwards and forwards, as well as to each member of the vigil in turn. The laughter and energies emitted from the group only made the tables move faster and quicker. Nursery and nanny's room with Lesley and Treena one of the guests started crying and by using the glass the group discovered it was Phoebe the girl that was killed on the stairs. She had no messages for the group she just wanted them to know of her presence. She then stepped back and wouldn't communicate anymore the group also communicated with a past nanny of the house.  Cold draughts were experienced as well but really good glass work was experienced in this vigil. With so much activity reported at our ghost hunting event at Temple Newsam we cannot wait for our return in 2014.