Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunting at The Old Doncaster Workhouse, 11th January 2014.

This was the first time a paranormal investigation had ever taken place at this location, we wondered with it been the first ghost hunt there would the spirits know or even want to communicate with our brave ghost hunters. However our concerns would soon be dismissed as the spirits willingly entertained us throughout the night.   We begun with a group vigil in the large downstairs room, Stuart Simply Ghost Nights medium picked up on a spirit of a gentleman who was pacing up and down one side of the wall, Stuart also said that the gentleman was calling out for some cheese as he loved to eat cheese, three ghost hunters claimed to have heard a gurgling noise and footsteps from the spirit gentleman's direction where Stuart had indicated he was. Stuart also said that he could see the spirits of three children in the room running between the groups who were in a circle all holding hands. It was decided that the group should sing ring o roses to entertain the spirit children, within seconds the K2 began to spike as well, could this have been the children enthralling our guests. It was decided that we should break up into smaller groups and really get to grips with ghost hunting at The Old Workhouse. In the upstairs with Rosey, Jez and Veronica a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact with the spirit of a gentleman called George who claimed to have lived at the workhouse in the 19 th century, George also made reference to the hardship he had gone through before entering the doors of the workhouse via yes and no on the Ouija board and that he was 62 when he passed over. Mark and Phil mentioned that they too had some success with the glass in the upstairs area with spirit of a child communicating with the group; they discussed how the girl had given answers through yes and no to the groups questions. The young child had said that she had entered the Workhouse with her mommy and two brothers and three sisters. Also in the upstairs all team leaders all recorded excellent results with Frank's box with many guests and team having their names repeated back to them. Stuart and Lesley spoke of how in the bar a group experienced some brilliant tapping on the table and also table tipping as well, where the table tipped to each participant on request with the K2 spiking to red in unison as the table tipped. The Franks box in this vigil was excellent too with most of the group hearing their own names repeated back from the Franks box and Stuart was called clearly called an ar**hole and a male guest was called a naughty boy. These two incidents had the whole group in fits of laughter. Lesley mentioned that in a little vigil a Spanish nurse made her presence known via the Ouija board, the nurse when asked said that she watches the children to make sure they are behaving and clean, the nurse also said that she had no children of her own. All the team leaders confirmed fantastic K2 spiking, Franks box results as well, and glass and table tipping too, as well as many ghost hunters getting personal validation especially when using the scrying mirrors where two guests told Rosey that they had changed facial features and were looking through the mirrors as the Workhouse would have been in the day. All in all it was a brilliant night with a great group of ghost hunters and really appeasing spirits from the old workhouse.