Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunting Events At Montgomery Town Hall, 21st November, Simply Ghost Nights

Montgomery Town Hall nestles as a central feature in the town of Montgomery, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and views. However the Simply Ghost Nights team had not come to Montgomery to take in the surrounding area, we had to cone to investigate the ghostly world of Montgomery Town Hall. The event commenced with a group vigil with a number of the group commentating that they felt as though they were been touched and one guest said that they felt as if their scarf had been pulled. Some guests reported seeing a strange white light as well but the SGN team debunked this as a light popping on every so often on the fire alarm. Another guest also spoke of hearing footsteps behind her on the empty staircase, we were later informed by Glynn the caretaker that this is a common phenomena of hearing footsteps and no one else been in the building. Then after a short break we decided to investigate the depths and bowels of Montgomery Town Hall, Rosey mentioned that in a small vigil in the former Judges robing room a group heard tapping on request and saw dark shadows moving about but the strangest occurrence was the activity that some of the equipment picked up, our Boo Bear indeed responded by interacting with the ghostly residents of the Town Hall, and Rosey added that the K2 spiked on request as well, and all the female participants felt weary and scared in this once male dominated room where women were forbidden to enter many years ago. In a vigil in the main area a group of ghost hunters were thrilled when the table tipped to each ghost hunter on request for the spirits to do so, also the group experienced some excellent tapping on request as well. While using the Franks Box a group were fascinated when each one of them all heard their name repeated back via the Franks box, also the group heard yes and no to their questions that they asked. On the stage while attempting a table tipping experiment the table moved around the stage with only each participant having their finger tips touching the edge of the table. While using the ouija board a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a former gentleman from the judicial system, however the spirit refused to say anything on the board except to say yes and no and that he acknowledged to the group that he didn't want any of the women in the group to be in that part of the building. Once more we were beaten by the sands of time and once more we had been treated to paranormal activity by the spirit world.