Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Falstaff’s The Tudor Experience, West Midlands, With Simply Ghost Nights, 25th January 2014

The Tudor Experience museum in Stratford-upon-Avon remains as dark and creepy as ever and the weather was certainly putting us through our paces with an afternoon of thunder, lightning and extreme hailstones. This was Simply Ghost Nights first ever investigation at The Falstaff's The Tudor experience, although some of the team had been there some years ago, the building is on three levels with ground floor, 1st floor and the séance room on the top floor, the building is constructed of your typical Tudor materials which have stood the test of time. In the séance room in the group vigil many people reported seeing flashing lights and one of our most sceptical ghost hunters on the night was intrigued to hear a noise from behind him which he described as either a creak or a dragging sound. One guest in particular was standing and the whole group witnessed not once but twice the wall behind him light up in a bright green light, what was strange about this was there were no lights, sensors or electricity even, so what caused this light remains a complete mystery to all who witnessed the light phenomena. With the K2s spiking on request to the first vigil was quite entertaining with shadows been seen as well by some of our brave ghost hunters. In the Ship room with Rosey, Lesley and Jez the group certainly had an interesting time in a vigil in the area which is said to be dominated by the spirit of sadistic rapist John Davies guests were constantly interrupted by what felt like a distinct blowing or breathing in their ear and it was also fascinating with the table and glass divination work we experienced. In the kitchen area with Stuart, Chris and Phil the group made spirit contact with a female called Molly, Stuart felt that Molly used to work there in the time it was a public house, and this was confirmed by the group using the Ouija board. While attempting a table tipping experiment Molly managed to move the table to each of the participants sat at the table, it was in two vigils that Molly made her presence known to our ghost hunters. In fact we all discovered while using the Ouija that she saw our own very Chris as a father figure, as she told the group that she had passed over to spirit aged 28.   With all groups experiencing table and glass work and some really interesting results with Franks box our visit to The Falstaff's was definitely a worthy one, and with many guests also feeling cold breezes around them and the K2s spiking on request and one ghost hunter swearing that he had seen a figure on the stairs The Falstaff's is one venue that we will be visiting again.