Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Knottingley Town Hall, West Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, Friday the 13th December 2013

This was the  Simply Ghost Nights team numerous visit to Knottingley Town Hall for a paranormal investigation, and what better night to hold a ghost hunt than Friday the 13th one of the most unforgettable dates in the calendar year.   The night begun with a group vigil in the cellars at first nothing much happened until heavy footsteps were heard in the foreboding corridors, it was decided to throw a cats toy bell into the corridor to see if the spirits would throw the bell back from the empty corridor. after about five minutes the unbelievable happened the toy was heard to roll only slightly forward and when a torch was turned on the bell was found to have moved  at least four inches or so and it had moved across one floor board to another.   It was then it was decided to move into smaller groups and attempt our quest to contact the ghostly inhabitants of Knottingley Town Hall on a ghost hunting event. In a vigil in the ballroom with Stuart and Lesley, Stuart picked up on a Catherine a 78 year old lady called Catherine came through on the Ouija board. She claimed she was married to Patrick who came from Australia and that she was born in 1921 and married for 27 years to Patrick. When asked how her husband passed  she spelt out the word pain. The glass was also moving and spinning to Glenn Miller music, and the K2 was spiking at the same time as glass moving. When asked about her relationship with Patrick, Catherine said that she still sees Patrick in the spirit world and that Patrick passed in 1948.   In the dance room and courtroom with Stuart and Lesley a group of ghost hunters heard taps on the table, table creaking. Stuart picked up on a well to do man called Cecil. Two guests were also affected in the judges chair, one ghost hunter felt cold draughts around their knees the other felt really hot heavy legs both complained at the same time but of differing degrees of complaints.   In the dark eerie cellars with Rosey and Treena another group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a gentleman via the glass who claimed to have worked at the Town hall in the 1960's. The name of Bert was spelled out via the Ouija board in this vigil, Rosey also stated that the K2 was spiking on request as well in this vigil in the cellars.   Finally we had been beaten by the clock and what a night we had experienced, the spirits of Knottingley Town hall had certainly attempted to communicate with our brave ghost hunters.