Ghost Hunts & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At St. Briavels Castle, Gloucestershire, With Simply Ghost Nights 5th September 2014

The SGN team were really excited to be holding not one but two ghost hunts at St. Briavels the medieval castle, St. Briavels is a magnificent specimen of a 12th century castle and in it's past it had been a debtors prison too. With so much recorded paranormal activity recorded over the years this only built up the teams excitement for the events to begin.   With a full house of ghost hunters we began a brief opening vigil for only a matter of minutes before splitting into smaller groups and investigate the many rooms and buildings of St. Briavels Castle.    Lesley and Rosey spoke of a vigil in the Oubliette where guests complained of their hands been touched during a table session and while using the glass the group made contact wit a spirit called Chris who claimed to have been thrown down the oubliette and left to die for 17 days and that one of guests reminded him of one the guards as well.    Chris informed Lesley and Rosey that his  wife was called Diana and she was expecting a son Ian when he passed so he never got to see him. The group also heard footsteps walking around the empty upstairs and he said this was Diana that the group could hear, however they were all together as a family now and that she had passed at 82 years old and the group also had the table moving all over the room really quickly and also onto one leg several times as well.   Stuart and Jez mentioned that in one of the downstairs lounge rooms that a group of ghost hunters also had the table  moving around the floor when communicating with a former guard at St. Briavels called Henry, Henry had the table up onto two legs to the excitement of the group and one brave ghost hunter was all alone in the adjoining room when inexplicably the K2 he was holding spiked from green to yellow and he also heard a loud guttural noise within earshot.   In the Welcome room with Rosey and Lesley a group of ghost hunters saw several light anomalies that were seen on several occasions by many of the guests and Lesley as well and the fact that the anomalies were seen in different areas of the room really impressed the group. Taps were also heard on the table on request and there was quite noticeable temperature drops  experienced. In the prison room a number of team leaders on separate occasions reported that guests felt like there was someone stood behind them, and also a number of guests claimed to have seen a ghostly figure through the night vision goggles.   On a brief note after the event had finished and everyone had gone to bed one of our ghost hunters actually knocked on the SGN room door and almost in tears and shock explained that he'd seen a figure in his bedroom quarters, and even the following day he still stood by he's words that he'd seen a figure in the room.   With some excellent results recorded by all the team leaders our first night of investigating St. Briavels had been a huge success.